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Respect? [American] vs [Japanese]


Did someone mention Freedom? Did lambchop go patriotic? What in the name of the armed forces is going on here?

Jan 13, 19 at 3:37pm

I've been here ten years. I like America, but as someone from the Philippines, it kinda weirds me out sometimes. But I am also weird. Haha. XD

Jan 13, 19 at 3:37pm
This account has been suspended.
Jan 13, 19 at 5:04pm

Hello, Pii Kay~

Jan 13, 19 at 5:33pm

freedom and not being worked to death are the only way now~!


When you see some drunk Japanese salarymen, you will know they are actually not that polite and nice~~


@Pii Kay

Jan 13, 19 at 10:19pm

@Lamby Yeeessss~ I agree~ We are very free people~


As a United States citizen, I can affirm that many of our people are hedonistic. We also revere figures who do not add anything to our society other than entertainment. The figures who receive the most attention are musicians, actors and politicians. It is rather interesting that we look up to professional liars and drug addicts, as if they were some standard all of us should meet. It's also fascinating that most Americans look up to people that they can never be. A lot of human beings cannot sing, people suck at acting and most would rather do their own thing rather than lead a country. Why does American culture venerate such individuals? It's anyone's guess. What I can tell you is that not all Americans look up to entertainers as if they were something to be emulated or respected. There's a difference between acknowledgement and worship and for many of us in the states it's the latter rather than the former. I don't worship actors and I rarely talk about them. I'm more interested in discussing ideas and learning mathematics than I am talking about what musician did this or what actor did that. The names of these stars and the history that goes along with them means nothing to me. A person's rise to fame will end when their career declines or they die, but ideas....ideas live forever. Hence, my devotion to the world of mathematics and its development(if I grow enough in skill to contribute something to the field itself). The influence of any one actor will never hold a candle to that which created and upholds our entire civilization.

Jan 14, 19 at 6:01am

im just trying to say japanese isnt perfect, like america

@judgement have you seen the porn japan comes up with? thats what you get when your citizens are pent up societally and sexually xD
yeah, americans are fat and extravagant, but i like being from a country where i CAN get fat and buy stupid extravagant things. in japan you are not pushed to be an individual but instead a functioning cog, blend in with everyone else. americans are the exact opposite, we value our individuality.

sexual assault, stalking, NEET behavior, suicide, and declining birth rates are all huge problems in japan and these stem from their reserved nature

japan is a strange place in that the crimes are low compared to america, but the anti social behavior is quite high

is it refreshing to see a people that are very respectful? yes, the politeness that is ingrained in them is definitely a positive feature (where as the politeness in places like britain tend to be posh passive aggressiveness) with that discipline comes larger problems stemming from that

@napalm, iv always loved america, and its because of that love that im so outspoken and frustrated at the state of things =w=

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