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Japanese/Korean dramas


Mostly watch Korean dramas than Japanese. Heres a list of some of my personal favorites:

Eve's Love
A Bird That Doesn't Cry
Two Mothers
Glory Jane
Bread, Love and Dreams
Woman of the Sun
Unknown Woman
Bridal Mask
First Love Again
Boys Over Flowers
Love Rain
Spring Waltz
Angel's Revenge
Secret of my Love
Love, My Love
The Moon Embracing The Sun
Queen for Seven Days
The Fugitive of Joseon
Ms. Perfect
Witch at Court

I watch a lot of my K-dramas on a channel called KBS World. X3


My girlfriend is a gumiho (9 tailed fox). Has amazing music and it's hella cute fam


I've found Hero Yoshihiko to be extremely good, however in the third season some episodes the subtitles were badly timed and I couldn't find other versions of it...

I watched Final Fantasy Dad of Light too, it's a touching story about how a guy tries to reconnect with his dad through FFXIV but in general it likes to deal with common social interaction issues and how to solve them (and it's on netflix)


for japanese dramas, i’ve only watched two which are sukina hito ga iru koto and hana yori dango. for korean dramas, i recommend love in the moonlight, w, and strong woman do bong-soon.

Jan 16, 19 at 4:50pm

I'm more interested in dramas with good OST, ballads mostly.


I recommend strong girl bong soon, heartstrings, you're beautiful, weightlighting fairy kim bok-joo, oh my venus, the doctors, coffee prince, I can hear your voice, and God's gift 14 days. Most of them, except the last one, are romantic comedy. I think strong girl bong soon, the doctors, I can hear your voice, and God's gift 14 days are a bit intense in them either showing some violence/someone getting hurt.


Boys Over Flowers was great. Korean dramas tend to have an edge over the Japanese, they're slightly darker and more realistic.


Just gonna place down a post in here for future references on what I should watch.

Feb 03, 19 at 10:00am

Endless fking LOVE kdrama

Feb 03, 19 at 10:03am

The only dramas like theses that I watched were the live action GTO's, they were really good. I'd be into more like that.

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