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Do you drive a Japanese Car, Crossover, SUV, Truck, motorcycle?


I was able to replace the audio unit freely a little while ago, but there are many car models that cannot exchange recently.
There are various audio units of the maker and liked to watch the illumination^^


Me and my mother are both sharing a Mazda Protege sedan from 2003. While my dad drives an Acura MDX SUV from either 2006 or 2007. As far as I'm aware, Acura is a brand which is owned by Honda.
So yeah, me and my family are all driving Japanese cars right now.
In the past my dad drove a Lincoln Continental while my mother drove a Ford Taurus. Those American cars proved to be unreliable money guzzlers for them, so they gave up on the Ford and Lincoln brands.


Here is the barn area of my mother's family. Her oldest younger brother nowadays mostly drives a worn out looking Dodge pickup truck fueled with filtered peanut oil or typical gasoline. His Toyota pickup seen there is too worn out.

Next is the Nissan Sentra I grew up in the 1990s riding home with my mother and big brother in from the store near the barn area.


Currently driving a 2012 Nissan murano. Next car I want is a lexus 350 so I can be like all the other Asian people in Chinatown lol


Like most Asians, my family owns all Toyotas. It's the dependability that counts. If we were richer, we'd own Lexus'. Also if you have any Asian friends, you "may" notice that they mainly drive Toyotas and Hondas on the majority side.

(-____-).... yep...


It is interesting that the sedan is not popular in Japan.
If 1 family possesses only one car, the mini van by which a slide door is on both sides would be chosen.


Suzuki Every
It's the small body, but I have big cargo space.


Suna, is that radio in your car? That thing is cool af.


audio unit in the pic? The audio unit I had used in the past.
Panasonic CQ-TX5500D
This is a high quality audio unit equipped with a vacuum tube. It has been more than 15 years since its launch, but it is still popular today.


My acquaintance bought an Jimny sierra, but it seems like a year later it arrives.^^;

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