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Do you drive a Japanese Car, Crossover, SUV, Truck, motorcycle?


Simple enough.

I love my Subaru Forester. <3

Does anyone else drive a Japanese car, crossover, SUV, Truck, motorcycle?


My father bought a Japan-imported Suzuki from Indiana.


I've had the same Hyundai Sonata for maybe five years. It was used and already another five years old when I got it, but it's sure hanging in there, even if the trim has mostly fallen off and half the paint job has eroded.


I love my Subie. It has style, gets me out of any situation I drive my self in to, Love the AWD. I take her over any other vehicle on the road.


Yes, because I currently drive
a 2015 Subaru WRX ...
but the insurance is too damn high

soon ( 2016 ) I may trade in for a Domestic

Oct 27, 15 at 7:59pm

'08 Mazda3i. Owned outright, because fuck financing. I also have a '91 Prelude SI

mrzfo415, if you want low insurance, go for the Legacy, or... a Miata. Seriously. Old miata insurance is CHEAP.


Yep. A good ol' Honda Civic. 14 years old, and still not much needed past general maintenance. I've been told that as long as I keep up on things, it could easily get me another 10 years.


I drive a Nissan Rogue! Its not new new but its awesome and has never given me a problem. :D


I drive a Nissan Morano and before that I drove a Nissan Quest

Nov 08, 15 at 4:16pm

Just put new tires on my Mazda 3. Ride is so much better.

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