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Do you drive a Japanese Car, Crossover, SUV, Truck, motorcycle?



but Out is a great manga about bosozoku gangs


Many kei vans and kei trucks are working in Japan.
Because the structure is simple, the maintenance cost is cheap and is strong.
Some people make a camper by remodeling kei vans and kei trucks, and some people run off-road by raising the car height.


My first car was a 96 Honda Civic followed by a 2012 Toyota Corolla and now I recently bought a 2018 Toyota Corolla. All of the cars that I had/have were good xD.


The Daihatsu Move Canbus across which I often come recently.
There is also a limited model.



Wish I had my car stylized with Vocaloid or a manga/anime, but I fear vandalism and risk of my interests being shattered by others.


The main difference is the exterior stickers and the cover of the Interior.
I don't recommend much.The exterior stickers will deteriorate in a few years due to the effects of ultraviolet rays.
White and mint green two-tone color is cute but you can choose the Standard Model.
It is necessary to wait 25 years to run on a public road in the United States.^^;


Drove a Daihatsu YRV


YRV turbo cool^^
I remembered Charade turbo


My 2012 Toyota Camry has Bluetooth stereo as well as a CD drive and can play from my phone automatically after car startup. Track-changing and volume buttons are also on steering wheel. I often listen to serious toned instrumental video game music in crowded urban areas like this one through it, which I feel is way better than any singing song.

My grandfather's first son (specifically that uncle of mine) relies on Toyota and Subaru, as well as like his father, a non-Japanese brand Dodge. They also used to drive another non-Japanese brand Jeep, too, but they laid those to rest, or should I say, rust.

Most other people I see drive Nissan Xterra (around 2002 model looks) as well as loud-muffler high rider pickup trucks of Ford or Chevy brands, which are annoying.

I grew up mostly in my mother's 1990s Nissan Sentra (also resting with my mother's family's Jeeps and other leftover vehicles) while my big sister drives a slightly new Nissan Titan while leaving green mildew marks on it.

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