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English Sub versus English Dub

Feb 23, 18 at 4:07pm

And before someone saying that me referring to incredibles in a Japan area, I'm sorry, only naruto and dragon ball got dubs in portugal

Feb 23, 18 at 10:56pm

Personally, I usually prefer dubs, but sometimes watch subs. Neither is better than the other IMO. Just a matter of preference.

Hiro? commented on English Sub versus English Dub
Feb 25, 18 at 2:44am

Dub is fine when done right, as is sub. It really depends on the translation quality and voice quality for me. It really grinds my gears when the characters in an anime are depicted one way when their voice or their words convey something entirely different. Character-centric disconnects like that break a lot of the immersion for me.

Mar 06, 18 at 5:29am

I have to go with sub, because so much gets changed when dubbed, that its not funny or doesn't make sense anymore.

Mar 06, 18 at 5:33am

SUB ALL THE WAAAAY!!! Uhmm w-wait I didn't mean it like that... Sooo yeah, dubbings are nice but in sub you can learn some japanese somehow just by watching

Mar 06, 18 at 8:27am

I prefer subs. Sure some think it's a hassle to read the subtitles and watch the anime, but I prefer the original voice actors.

Mar 06, 18 at 12:19pm

You get used to subs after a while. Just gotta keep at it. It gets to the point where you forget you're hearing Japanese, and then the quality of their voice acting industry makes itself apparent.

Mar 06, 18 at 7:29pm

well i prefer subtitle but sometimes i want to watch anime while eating and i can't look at subtitle and my food at the same time lol it's a pain i miss many dialogues lol. so dubbed anime is easier to watch when you are eating hahaha. one piece i love it subtitle. dragon ball i like it dubbed but now i'm getting used to the subtitle version.


If "nothing beats the original", while original source language version often ran as Subs is very prominent, then why prefer Dubs that become inaccurate no matter what?

Not just anime, but tokusatsu, video games and some variety shows get localized in an inane (foolish or silly) way, usually in America.

May 18, 18 at 2:13pm

Sub 4 life, Dubbing kills the original emotion and intention

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