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English Sub versus English Dub


When I watch it online, I prefer subs. But since I watch Toonami, it's not like I have a choice, but I don't mind. Otherwise I do prefer the English dub of DBZ to the original, I can't stand how Goku sounds like a kid and acts like an idiot in the original. The only other time I put on the dub is if I don't feel like reading the subs/ to tired to read them.

Jan 11, 18 at 7:51pm

Subs are usually better since they honestly feel right. They put more emotion and thought into their voice acting. Some dubbed shows are actually better though like DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Jan 31, 18 at 7:49pm

I would have to agree that the Japanese subs are better than the dubbed versions. Now there are two exceptions for me. Those are Dragon Ball Z and Full Metal Alchemist in English. Those are the only shows I can watch dubbed but anything else I have to watch subbed. Japanese voice actors are just so amazing at portraying emotions just through their voices! I have always wanted to be a voice actor!

Feb 01, 18 at 12:05am

Subs all the way. idk what it is about english dub that makes it sound so weird, but I can't stand it. English actors always sound like they don't care, or they care so much to the point of making it cheesy. I also like the idea of experiencing anime in the way the director wanted it to be experienced.

Feb 18, 18 at 8:46pm

Subs >>>> Dubs with the exception of FMA and Soul Eater. The voice casting for the Dubs is amazing! I'll only watch FMA dubbed because its that good!

Feb 23, 18 at 4:15am

Iansweredthisintheotherthread, but
Depends. I watch it mostly with subtitles.
I just prefer the voices and A LOT of the original voice cast are a lot of my favourite voice actors, so I look really forward to listening to them the most.

I tend to watch dub, only if it's on the TV and if it's an okay dub. There are some dubs, where I just... cannot bare sitting through. That's just my opinion, but I appreciate the amount of hard work and effort that goes in to the translations for the english dubs. pleasedontattack

Feb 23, 18 at 5:54am

mostly subs are best, but there are some animes which are better with dubs.. it literally depends on the vice actors. But yeah 90% of times subs win for me!


Dubs. I really don't see the lesser love to a dub version. Subs averts my attention from the actual show cuz I need to read what is being said. It annoys the heck out of me.

Feb 23, 18 at 3:36pm

Only dubbed anime I watch is DBZA

Feb 23, 18 at 4:03pm

When the dub is good, I like to watch it dub.
In Portugal, the Incredibles dub is really good, why would I spend brain memory reading when I can just hear and appreciate the movie while relaxing.
But if I'm watching something that requires a lot of attention, for example, full metal alchemist, I prefere subs since helps me to understand what's happening
Subs = dubs

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