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Political rants

Oh and just to add on to the batshit crazy talk. A nuclear power plant in Minnesota leaked 400,000 gallons of radioactive water in the Mississippi river. Crazy how that works, by the time the biden administration is out of the white house there wont be an America left. We still havent recovered from the ohio derailments
Mar 18, 23 at 9:58pm
Fucking Minnesota, why are they always doing this shit to us?
Mar 18, 23 at 11:51pm
This is what happened if for decades that Governors are allowed to appropriate funds unchecked... Alot of power, water, electrical, roads, general infrastructure needs to be replaced. And they HAD the funds, but funding is usually in a shortfall or a deficit.
Mar 19, 23 at 12:24pm
@daggerfella Very much agree. I live out in the Appalachian foothills where we have so much around us that is decaying and neglected. The result is people in Nelsonville have trouble getting water because the pipes are decaying, uncontrolled landslides take out a chunk of the road after a family SUV drives across it, and acid mine run off getting into what's left of the well water dude to laxed local environmental policies. Now granted, Hillbillies are smarter than people give them credit for. They develop survival hacks for getting water precisely because they're used to this crap from the government. Anyone who claims we're a developed country has never stepped foot into a corner of it with an incompetent municipality. Let alone at the state level. This is the same kind of negligence, but the ramifications to it kinda make it a national problem. And you know they can't be trusted with the money, so the fed has to step in, and the goblins in DC will always look for an excuse to overstep their boundaries.
I think the problem is people are incompetent voters. Too many people are allowed to vote without knowing the consequences of their vote because we dont teach people how to hold their law makers accountable. I love how in California they got enough votes to get gavin newsome out of office and have a reelection only to vote fucking gavin newsome back into office. Now you have Californians leaving california and bringing their wealth with them to places like florida ruining the home market and trykng to bring their dumbass woke values that ruined their state. Then in California they have soft in crime laws leaving their streets looking like iraq and talking about paying millions in reparations to former slaves when California wasnt a slave state. The future of this country is basically in ruins. The value of the dollar has literally dropped so far in the span of 3 years its insanity how one man can ruin our country this much. There is no checks and balances here. Yeah you can say well he is only incharge of executive branch but all his apponteed are diversity hires who dont know shit about anything. You mean to tell me people struggling with their identity are confident enough to run programs? They cant even be comnfident in their own body and you want me to trust them? People are voting wrong and our government has been held with an iron grip by people who made this shit a life long career. All these old people who have amassed generous wealth and are practically set for the rest of their lives have made their dealing with foreign nations can take their money pull out of the government and leave us in ruins. Sad to say but this generation will pay for the mistakes of the last generation.
Doomer talk here but i think the US is kinda done. With the power of one administrative term under Biden the US dollar is becoming obsolete. But alot of stuff went into this. The push for taking Russia off swift banking system, the Saudis no longer using the us dollar. Alot of other countries basically no longer having things backed by the dollar. The only way i can see the dollar coming back is by being backed by gold again like it used to be. We instead made it petrol backed but Saudi and russia probably the 2 most notable oil distribution countries dont give a shit about the us dollar. Another fix to this is finally pushing for natural resources to be mined from Alaska. But with Russia basically testing the waters around this specific state and its airspace idk if this may be some place we can see a battleground over. https://youtu.be/-CkVPadz3mE
You know guys im actually kind of scared of what the world is gonna look like in a few years. China really is gonna replace the US as the worlds next super power. This is it boys, we are witnessing the end of an era. I see europe turning its back on us, i see asia submitting to China's rule and communism winning in the end. I feel we became too complacent. I dont honestly think trump can get us out of this with only 4 years. Our only hope is definitely for a businessman to run our country sort of like a business. We are creatively bankrupt we have no new innovations America simply imports ideas. Our system is failing and they intend to replace it with cbdc, crypto which was our last hope at saving us from the economy is all but dead. At this point im starting to wonder if i should start buying chinese currency as an investment cuz thats where we are heading.
The main issue is industrial capability. Why did the United States become an economic powerhouse in the 1800s? Because we made everything from textiles, food, oil, machinery, steel. We made everything. We had all the bartering chips in our corner for trade. What do we produce now? Trucks that Europe doesn't buy? Movies? We don't even want to watch our own garbage which is why we are here talking about Japanese entertainment. Reindustrialization is the key to America's future.
I wanna see american independence again
Mar 24, 23 at 9:39pm
Actually, I agree with Dyadka Yar on this one, though I might add that a lot of these places along the rivers, canals, and rail roads have been in decline since the 1950s because of the switch in infrastructure, and like I said something like 4 years ago, 'The only thing Trump did for the economy was the equivalent of pouring nitro in the engine. It'll kickstart things, but there would be a crash later.' Now obviously, Covid lockdowns kinda sped that up. And just like I figured, somehow, they would use that as an excuse to blame zombie Biden. (How's that for a political prediction?) Likewise, I am curious about your source on China, because in a lot of mine, China isn't doing so hot either.
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