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Question for females!

Nov 30, 18 at 2:00am

In my experience it's always worth it to give someone a compliment. You could brighten up their day! I love when other girls give me compliments. However, I do know what you mean when you say you feel like they might scowl. Sadly some women might be used to sarcastic comments from other people so I think that's usually why they don't take kindly to us giving them compliments. (Other side could be they think you're hitting on them) It never hurts to be nice though. If I see another girl who did her makeup nicely or her hair differently I'll usually compliment them on that because it's like someone notices the effort they made.

Dec 01, 18 at 6:03pm

i always love getting complements from girls like i will hold onto it for days because they went out of their way to tell me something nice and i love it. although with guys im a little different im way more comfortable with women and have pretty not fun anxiety so men talking to me is not my ideal situation and in my experience i dont like what they have to say like talking about my tits and calling me thicc in notes they left on my car after watching me and yelling out their cars like those arent complements to me but they see them as so and that is the majority of what i get from men its predatory and uncomfortable while most of the time from women its as a equals and someone who wants positivity i have of course had a woman yell at me from her car but for the most part women are so sweet sorry for loosing control over this post but hhhhhhhh idc

Dec 01, 18 at 9:13pm

I don't mind XD...I tell strangers<my compatriots> I come across online "小姐姐,你真可爱"<little sister, u r very cute>...few people will be freaked out because most people do this...

micromike commented on Question for females!
Dec 02, 18 at 12:59am
This account has been suspended.
Dec 02, 18 at 3:10am

No one needs to know about your dick cheese, micro(ironically said) mike.

ahoge commented on Question for females!
Dec 04, 18 at 11:08am

No, I don't feel either of those things. I actually enjoy it when another girl compliments my appearance as I tend to get jealous of other girls quite easily T_T (working on that trait though).

Dec 05, 18 at 12:42am

Thank you to all the serious answers from both girls and guys! I appreciate it. I’ve some different answers but I feel like I should be careful about what I say to a girl. I guess I can’t just say that she is beautiful, huh? What about if their smile is wonderful? I’ve met a girl once on vacation that had a breath-taking smile and I was mesmerized. I decided to walk away before I blurted out lol. Anyways, thank you lovelies! ^_^

Dec 05, 18 at 12:47am

You're welcome. And remember. It's not always what you say, but the way you contextualize it.

Dec 05, 18 at 12:53am

^^ Totally this
Personally I have been the kind of person to kind of just go "oh" when complemented. I am kind of a stoic person, but even if I might not be very verbal about it, I do appreciate it. I think most people would enjoy being complemented as long as they are not being weird.

Dec 06, 18 at 2:44am

beautiful in my opinion is fine like its not sexual and it higher than pretty so the only way it would make me uncomfy is how its said or what follows it. if you arent sure about if you want to say someone is beautiful you could of course point out something specific because that will make the extremely proud of what it is and its not as personal

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