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Likes: Females
Last online 2 months ago
mobile , AL
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Jan 09, 19 at 3:16am

yall galko chan is my fukin wife i love her with all my soul and ill hopefully get to cosplay her next mont but i have shit for brains and havent started on any of my cosplays yet :))))))))

Jan 09, 19 at 3:14am

i know i just suddenly stoped getting on but ive been really busy with work and whatever like my manager was called because his boss thought there was an error with the computer but no i worked 69 hours last week but they didnt really believe it so yeah and im working basicaly all this week too so like bread

Dec 18, 18 at 2:30pm

yall im still thinkin about last night like wtf??????

Dec 18, 18 at 3:11am

yall ya bitch saw some shit okay so it was like 2:00 am and me a friend a drivin down a completly empty backroad surronded by fields when we see this big ass thing fall from the sky it was sudden not slow not from a distence just suddenly there and falling it looked to be metal and it flashed green we turned around and yeeted out of that bitch and called the cops after trying to call a friend we just dropped off we dont know what it was and sadly i was about to ask my friend to get a video of me right before it happend but didnt so we have no video but it was fukin wild and idk what it was and i was like shaking it was weird guys

Dec 17, 18 at 3:34am

i want a lil armadillo

Dec 15, 18 at 1:35am

also i need to sleep like now because i babysit then work until closing tomorrow but first imma draw more naked ladies

Dec 15, 18 at 1:34am

i met my normal closing managers girlfriend today and bro he is lucky because she is the sweetest girl ever i lov her so much and would die for her like she was drawing cute things and said she liked my stupid drawings i had done and !!!!!!!!! amazing i want to be her friend!!!!!!! but im awkward and she lives hours away from me so ill probs only see her like once but still i wish her so much luck

Dec 14, 18 at 7:45am


Mashi Mashi have some water :3
Dec 14, 18 at 7:42am

fin fact ive been really tired for no reason recently ( i say after telling yall that i have to be up in three hours im not tired and wont go to sleep yet) and ive been sleeping in a ton like until 3:00 and i got maybe 2 hours of sleep and i knew i was gonna die so i asked my grandpa to take my brother and sister to school but guess who i suddenly more awake now than ive been in a while imean im not good awake because typing this has been such a struggle lol but like wtf????? imma sleep a little mor but hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Dec 14, 18 at 4:24am

and i want to do one more naked lady help

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