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Life Advice

Apr 13, 21 at 6:57pm


Ouch Cacti are the definition of tsundere

Cero @cero commented on Life Advice
Apr 18, 21 at 4:25pm
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Jul 03, 21 at 2:39am
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Arc @arc commented on Life Advice
Jul 06, 21 at 10:29pm

Some advice for guys that might help break the ice with women: talk about a personal failure that you experienced in your life. Not only will it put them at ease, it could cause them to want to feel sympathetic towards you and allow them to ease up their guard.


Then talk about how you dealt with that problem and overcame the situation.

You know, just like in a job interview.



^Pretty often I like to explain to new acquaintances how I overcame my fear of becoming a car driver.

Jul 08, 21 at 8:18pm

Huh... I once got accused of sounding like I was interviewing(Aren't you sort of?). The real deal is when you find someone just as awkward as you. *chef's kiss* Perfection.


Tbh I'm trying to not be that guy trying to get sympathy anymore so rather wait for an awkward encounter. Plus I'm not in a good spot in my life rn to settle down for a relationship. I get around town having my mom take me and I take care of her living with her. For alot of women that's a deal breaker and I get that.


I would prefer a Poseidon's kiss

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