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Life Advice


Yes! My top practical selling point when trying to acquire a partner is that I'm a trilingual who was raised by a family of linguistic professors, and that I'm open to familiarizing myself with whatever other language the partner might be willing to offer.


Stop doing stupid shit

Apr 12, 21 at 6:23am

Invest in yourself and in the markets.

Apr 12, 21 at 2:40pm

Apr 12, 21 at 3:54pm

Apr 12, 21 at 5:31pm

Advice is like medicine. It only works if you take it as recommended.

Unless that advice comes from Johnson and Johnson's. Then ignore it cause it's literally cancer!

Cero @cero commented on Life Advice
Apr 13, 21 at 2:40pm


Apr 13, 21 at 2:51pm

best advice is none.

what type of person would you be if life wouldn't shape you through its good and bad? your personality grows out of experience, and experience comes from failures. don't expect anyone to point you in the "right direction" because there is no right direction. even if you try to follow directions, you will still have your very own path in life. Just do what brings you happiness, it's not like u'll take anything with you once you die.

Apr 13, 21 at 3:02pm

Stick your hand in fire or jump off a bridge. Is that bad advise? Who knows? Best advise is none Lul

Apr 13, 21 at 5:39pm

it's good if we let natural selection do its job :>

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