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Unpopular opinions

I think hype fandems are just the worst, its like okay you play dark souls nonstop, elden ring 200 hours, its a cool game but not my addiction. Give something else the spotlight
Feb 08, 23 at 1:20pm
Like anime.
Feb 08, 23 at 2:05pm
the third last of us ep was really nice, but i kinda prefer how callous bill was in the vidya game. like, clearly hurt but refuses to feel anything. it was a really good scene that kinda shows just how many times hes already been hurt. still a beautiful ep though.
Feb 08, 23 at 7:00pm
ok, piping hot take but snape kinda was still awful? like, he genuinely, truly hated harry potter and only ever protected him because he got lily killed and felt guilty for it. like, i get feeling grateful for snape, but he still bullied children for a living and harry names his kid after this person? he wanted to pipe your mom, harry, and bullied you because your dad got her first. and you name your kid after this guy?? love snape, but purely for being a snarky drama queen. otherwise he was kinda the worst lol
2 unpopular opinions: 1. Just because there is a lot of hype surrounding something like an anime or video game, doesn't mean it will be bad 2. Being normal is over rated honestly. I may have had a pretty decent life aside from the family deaths and bullying, but I realized being normal kind of sucks.
Thinking back to IT (2017), I did not like the redesign of Pennywise. He feeds too much into the evil clown trope which I argue is far less scary than a normal clown. My take is that if you see an evil clown, you know his intentions aren't good. He's evil, avoid him. A regular clown, the makeup masks the emotions. You do not know the intentions of the clown, you can't pick up the thoughts portrayed through facial movements easily under the paint. Which is why the 1990 design is superior in my opinion.
@dyadka_yar Honestly I feel the same way. It was way too on the nose and I prefer Curry's Pennywise as it felt more "real" than Skarsgård's over the top. A normal(?) looking clown feels more frightening than the more overtly evil looking one. Plus felt like it was more iconic and stuck with me, tho I was a kid when I saw the 90's as to being an adult by the time the new one came out so I may be a bit biased. Curry > Skarsgård
I liked the new It but Curry as Pennywise was definitely top tier. Come to think of it, my favorite thing Curry did was the Darkness in Legend so why haven't they tried to remake that movie? I was fascinated by it as a child. https://youtu.be/Ksk7wPX-MI4
Hot chocolate is overrated
Mar 18, 23 at 5:10pm
Even Abuelita hot chocolate?
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