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Unpopular opinions

Soft Taco = soggy gluten. Hard Taco = Spanish Avalanche. Burrito = good soggy gluten but toilet torture. Chimichanga = good food, but toilet trouble. My view on basic Taco bell type things (My only viable choice is Chimichanga
Mar 21, 23 at 4:40pm
McDonalds isn't a bad restaurant. I like it. It doesn't pretend to be something better. If you walk in there, you know what you are there for. Some cheap-ass food.
Mar 21, 23 at 6:13pm
Mmmm... Cheap ASS food. Giggity.
Fun fact, the first date I went on brought a friend along with her. Guess where I took them to eat afterward the date? You guessed it! McDonald's lmfao.
Mar 21, 23 at 8:09pm
Mcdonalds nowadays is probably the cheapest place aside from lil ceasars. I do know a cheap ass mexican spot near my old job where you can get a big burrito for 7ish bucks
Damn straight kinda why I went there lol, I put reservations for +1 not (+1)+1.
Chocolate and peanut butter is disgustang
It is disgusting tho. Honestly, I just am not a fan of sweet things overall.
Apr 10, 23 at 9:38am
Eggs are nasty so are egg farts/burps. Quickest way to puke.
The pick up line that goes along the lines of did you fall from heaven implies the recipient is the devil.
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