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Hogwarts Legacy WTF

Sep 05, 23 at 9:53pm
https://cdn.sortiraparis.com/images/80/66131/855816-hogwarts-legacy-comment-ouvrir-les-portes-arithmantiques.jpg I'm picky about video games. I don't deal out praise lightly. That being said, I'm absolutely stunned about how good Hogwarts Legacy is. The story, the pacing, how they use every bit of the environment to tell a story. Mind you, this game was created by the same developers that did Cars 3 for Disney. My expectations were low. Then I played the game. Like, what the actual fuck? How the flying foggles did they make this game so good? I don't care who you are. I don't care what kind of games you like. You have no choice but to like this game. The fight mechanics are amazing. I feel like a powerful wizard. Don't be surprised if you are fully erect for 90% of the fight scenes, because that is how fun the fight scenes are. I thought for hours and literally have only 2 nit-picks about this game. I wish you had more quiz choices at the choosing hat scene, and I wish you had a quiz when picking out your wand. As somebody who has studied game development for 4 years I can't find a single thing else that can be improved upon. I'm pretty sure at the end of this I'm going to be speaking with a British accent.
Harry Potter in general annoys me for I am a Barbarian class of person and not into magic. However I bought this for my wife and even I will admit it is a very well made game. It is a legitimately good game.
Ha this fr sounded like me when I started playing it too xD The entire opening chapters in the castle, and then when you venture out into the neighboring town... I thought Hogwarts was one of the greatest games in years! But then, after like 20-25 hours, you realize how empty the game is, and the battles get repetitive. I won't say anything specific since you likely haven't gotten that far, and even tho I felt it became repetitive and shallow, you should still be able to experience everything spoiler free and decide on your own. I will just mention that completing a side dungeon and then your reward is a new skin for your magic wand is just foreshadowing for what's to come xD
Been playing hogwarts legacy for the past week, the completionist in me has put in 13hours of gameplay and i havent even made it to the main villain. There are way too many field guide pages and collectables and puzzles and chests.
Sep 07, 23 at 4:56am
While I wish I could find more readily available potions, I don't mind the equipment set up in the game. It's kinda nice to get something new and stronger and not have to worry about grinding away for the right piece of equipment (too much Diablo). I actually like the dueling and fighting in the game. It was interesting to see how arc played vs me. He was a fan of just zapping people with his wand while my fighting style was more. "Haaaaaave you met my friend Barrel? What about Rock?" I can see the ease of play being a balancing act. The puzzles are all pretty easy and could be more challenging. I'm kinda sad but I also hope with the success of this game they will continue making new ones. Maybe some day we will get a dark and mature one more for adults but for now I'm very happy with exploring the grounds and finding all the secrets and Easter Eggs. I love the small scenes they incorporate with the towns people. The mom who buys her son the dancing socks and he dances himself out of the garment shop who then gets made fun of by a smaller child and her father. It's all these nice small things that make me happy about it. Lots of nostalgia with this game.
I'm curious to hear how you all feel about the game once you get into the second half, cuz that's when the sails turned flaccid for me. There are a total of zero locations that are even a fraction as interesting as the main castle or neighboring town. Everything just suddenly became lifeless. The exploration, the battles, the loot, the sidequests, the upgrades... It's like getting past the honeymoon phase and realizing the person you were infatuated with is just a massive waste of space xD
Sep 08, 23 at 8:22pm
Sep 08, 23 at 8:41pm
Professor Garlick by far the hottest video game teacher there is. I was simpin for her as soon as she said my mandrake was a little bit too "mature" for the class ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sep 08, 23 at 8:49pm
Sep 10, 23 at 2:26pm
@bob_loblaw We are still in the early stages of the game. We just have the one PS5 so we are having to take turns. But he's also playing Death Stranding. It will be a bit before we get midgame but I'll add more as I continue playing. The issue you had sounds a lot like the issues I had with Diablo, and Pokémon, and Borderlands, and any other game that goes on and on with the same areas, enemies, and legacy quests.
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