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The 2023 Arc Training Montage

I've decided that 2023 is the year I will get back into shape. Here is where I will keep a journal of my experience struggling to live a healthier life. Feel free to post any healthy shit you're forcing yourself to do if you want.
Jan 30, 23 at 9:13pm
Day 1: Last Friday I decided to go to the Gym with some of my co-workers during the lunch break. Up until this day I've been fasting so I don't really eat lunch at work. Today I did. We got to the gym and decided to do a beginner workout of lifting hand weights and using the leg machines. We only had 40 minutes to work out so we were going pretty fast. I was using the weenie weights so I could keep up. And then we got to the kettle bell squats. I did 3 sets of squatting with a 20 pound kettle bell. Everything seemed fine. Then we went to the rope pull thing to work out our triceps and then after my second set I felt really weak. Oh shit. Then the sound cut out. My ass is straight about to pass the fuck out! I wobbled over to a workout bench and felt extremely nauseous. My two co workers came to me asking if I was okay, but I could barely hear them as I was fighting to keep conscious. I heard one of them say, "oh shit dude you're face is white!" I re-gurged my power bar a bit but through sheer fuckin willpower I managed to fight through it and stay conscious. We then went back to the locker room and I was wobbling barely able to string together a coherent sentence. I ended up sitting on the bathroom toilet stall until the lights came back on in my brain. First lesson. Don't believe anime bullshit about "Pushing past your limits". Your ass gonna be passed out laying on the floor. Workout number 1 complete.
Jan 30, 23 at 9:21pm
1/30/23 Another co-worker joined our group today and we did one of his cross-fit sessions. I did a lot better today. I paced myself and remembered to breath. I didn't even get close to passing out! I believe my body remembered what it was like to do intensive physical activity and prepared itself to not die today. All and all I did okay. I did really half-hearted burpees so that my heart wouldn't explode. I think I erred too much on the side of caution because I could have done more. Waiting to see how much pain I am in tomorrow. Although I don't have a lot of money to throw around I HAD TO EAT after the workout and ate a burrito in what I am guessing is less than 3 minutes flat. Tomorrow I will start eating disgusting almonds to give me protein. All and all I feel a lot better. Going to the gym with others is better than going alone for sure.
The "Arc arc." Sorry, but you missed your opportunity.lol I'd suggest for at home, try HITT. Lots of videos on you tube and you Will get worn out.lol
Sounds like the issue you ran into was that you were fasting and then suddenly went straight into a strenuous workout. Unless a person is already in good shape, you're supposed to stick to light workouts (or no work outs) if you're fasting because of blood sugar levels. The symptoms you mentioned are the exact symptoms of that condition. I've actually been doing the 18:6 fasting for around 6 weeks now, and after the 2nd week I decided to do some sit ups and push ups in the morning (40 sit ups and 30 push ups, all in a row) before work, which would have been around 13 hours since I last ate anything... and I felt like I was gonna pass out. I learned my lesson after that, and now I only work out in the evening after I've had my 2 meals for the day.
Jan 31, 23 at 7:51pm
@bob_loblaw Yeah it surprised me when I had that sudden feeling of passing out. I thought I would be okay if I had eaten multiple snack foods but I my body still wasn't ready for it. I guess the shock of a sudden severely strenuous activity put my body in shock. My muscles probably were not getting oxygen efficiently. Weirdly enough on day 2 I was completely fine.
Made a similar mistake like 10yrs ago. Except, my friend decided we needed to use the sauna after the work out... Worst idea ever.lol Keep hydrated, keep hydrated, keep hydrated.lol
Feb 02, 23 at 5:55pm
3rd training day: My body remembers what physical activity is. I did a lot of arm/back/chest strength training today so at least I wasn't out of breath. My arms are constantly shaking. When I was done with the workout my arms were stuck at 45 degree angles. I'm hungry. I'm always so hungry. Also, I'm drinking less alcohol. I suppose it's because I don't have as much trouble winding down at night. It's strange because statistically speaking people who are fit tend to drink more than people who are not fit.
Feb 05, 23 at 9:36pm
So yeah I worked out on Thursday. It took me until Sunday night for my arms to not be in pain. Tonight also marks the night I cooked liver for the first time. Yes. This is definitely one of the worst tasting dishes I have ever eaten. I have tried and failed to mask minced liver into a spaghetti dish. For being one of the healthiest foods ever it really does taste like…..ugh…please forgive me, @verucassault . I have failed us both this night… @_@
@arc I have a recipe for liver that I personally enjoy. You cut the liver to about quarter of an inch thick. You might want to soak the slices in milk or water for 2 hours to remove any bitterness. Slice onions or shallots and caramelize those in butter. Add more butter and fry the liver in that for about 2 minutes each side at that thickness. Stop frying once you stop seeing blood. Then you add cream of mushroom soup after the liver is done and cook for another minute or so to get the soup to become like a gravy. Kill the heat and eat.
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