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Romance anime

Jul 23, 22 at 7:28pm
Hi, who all here likes romance anime?, Any suggestions on romance anime that's out there to watch?
For some reason Nana falls under romance but I think of it more as Slice of Life, it's very dramatic. Ouran High School Host Club, though it's a reverse harem. Say I Love You is one of my favorites and I just bought it on DVD so my husband could watch. [Just bought Nana too for that very reason.] Maid Sama is cute. Monthly Girls NazakiKun is one of my latest favs in this genre. It's hilarious. Love Is War. Special A. Angel Beats. Haganai. Fruits Baskets is an all time favorite. I love that they remade it. It's so much better than the old version. Kiss Him Not Me is a fav. School Rumble is fun. Inu X Boku Secret Service is a fav. As is Kamisama Kiss. Junjo Romantica [yaoi]. The Wallflower is a fav, it's hilarious. Will add more if I think of them. All of the ones I've named have been dubbed in case that's a preference or not.
Jul 25, 22 at 6:28pm
Yeah, I love the Fruit's Basket remake too. Finally, I could show my friends who never read the manga just bow beautifully broken Tohru is, and what the story is actually about. Forget the extra scenes. There's a lot of nuance in character portrayal that never quite made the cut in the original anime. Anyway, Clannad is a good one if you want to experience ego death and vegetative numbness for a few days. Hanasaku Iroha is one of the best slow burn romances and a damn good drama to boot. And I normally hate soapy animes, but this one was organically delivered in a way that felt real rather than dramatic. Basically one of those romance stories that develops in negative space, meaning in the absence of company while Hana takes time to mentally mature out in the countryside.
Aug 10, 22 at 12:22pm
Thank you, guys I seen Nana I'll check out the rest you named off.
The only romance anime I could get into was OreGairu which is more of a deconstruction and I only watched it for Totsuka
Aug 10, 22 at 12:38pm
if your looking for romance anime i recommend , toradora , horimiya, shikimoris not just a cutie, love after world domination , and you thought there is never a girl online, snow white with the red hair , and the day i became a god
Wik @wik commented on Romance anime
Aug 10, 22 at 1:15pm
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, True tears and 5 cm per second. Watch in that order.
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