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I'm sayin it

I made an account because I want to date a girl that likes anime. Anyway, turns out that's not easy. Most profiles have sparse information about the user, and it's unclear if they are using this site for dating or not. I don't want to waste my time or other peoples time, so I made this post. If you're a girl and you're in the same boat as me, just look at my profile and if you're interested, message me. Bonus points to anyone brave enough to show what they actually look like.
Sep 10, 21 at 2:10am
Sitting back while fishing and putting nothing on your hook takes a lot of patience... a looooooooooooot of patience...
Sep 10, 21 at 12:10pm
Speaking of fishing! Anyone in the mood for some catfish?
Nov 17, 21 at 10:41pm
I assume people put little to nothing on their profiles because they expect people to talk to them and ask them about this and that, and maybe feel like putting too much info out there leaves little to talk about in conversations. But who knows, I might be giving them too much credit, could also be they just don't have anything to talk about. I've certainly encountered that more than a few times.
Rain @rainx commented on I'm sayin it
Nov 18, 21 at 8:48am
I understand the want to get a gf, but you're not gonna find one by just sitting back hoping a girl messages you. You're on a site that where any new girl who joins and expresses any remote interest in dating, she's probably getting a minimum of two dozen friend requests from guys within the first 24 hours she's on here.
Yeah well, love knows where to find me when it needs me. On the couch eating my Dorito. I'm not sharing it by the way so don't ask!
That's not always the case neeto. Some people don't like giving that info out to the public and only to friends or potential dates, or they want to make sure the ones on here are serious about getting to know them by asking them questions about themselves instead of handing it over on a silver platter.
@neet_one You're actually one of my perfect match on here believe it or not. Go to my profile it long as fuck go to yours it's also long. Both very detail and both probably get skipped a lot by people.Lol You hate going out while I love going out You live in Southern california I live in Northern california.You're 5"11" I'm 4"11"...heh. Your a Taurus I'm a Libra. blah blah...x) We're total opposites. They need to remove the hearts and the perfect matches and just revamp it all. I think the perfect matches is wayy out of whack...pfft Also it true you have some points some people either put way too much or way too less. Some give so much Info while others don't cause their scare too. It a comfort zone issue I believe for me i put it out there so people can pick categories out easy to talk to me about. Like if i put down i love video games they grab that info and start a conversation with it in my dm. i feel like you're doing the same thing because you feel it might be easier to some people who have trouble starting conversations and a lot do. I feel it might lessen that burden..idk..-shrugs- @the_bonemancer try leaving your chat open allllll the time and people will come in easy to your dms talk to as many with the green light near their names. Use the chat on the side as much as you can. Add people from new users section. honestly this site actually need chatrooms..it be fun.:)
Nov 19, 21 at 10:14pm
Yeah I think the match thing is mostly just based off the state.
Nov 19, 21 at 10:48pm
I don't believe this is a dating site.
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