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Your Proudest Gaming Achievement

Be it a tough trophy, a hard game, or just one of those fun multiplayer moments. Tell me what is your proudest gaming achievement?
My proudest gaming moment was making it to plat on overwatch. Before that i had never made it beyond silver in any rank of any competitive multiplayer. I was hard stuck bronze in league despite my skill and knowledge of the game and mechanics so to see me actually climb in a game i dedicated my time to was worth it. My second proudest was beating the tales of iyo on ghost of tsushima legends. Anyone who has ever played this knows how freaking hard it is especially with a group of randos. I was able to beat it with the help of my french friend i met in game. Edit: oh and third was most definitely making it to floor 40 of let it die.
Proudest gaming moment was winning my first warzone BR with my bois in DERP but soon it shall be unlocking Damascus camo in MW! These Launchers are hell to get through.
Completed all 9,000 floors of Devil May Cry 2! Let's rock baby! (That's 6 hours of nonstop gameplay in Bloody Palace mode with no saves. The re release version had a bug that made it extra hell because floor 8,000 would frequently hard crash the game.)
Singleplayer: Beating this broken mess of a final "boss". Thanks Yoko Taro <3 Multiplayer: Being the best player in my country at NSUNS4
I've never felt proud of ever beating a game. At the end of the day, it's just a game to me. I finish it and I move on to the next one
Happened a few weeks ago. I managed to beat Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, no losses at all and beat Dr Robotnik in 32 seconds.
i dont really game, and when i do im really bad at them, but i guess after years and years of pugging it felt nice to actually do proper mythics with guildies (and my dps were among the top three, too) with i had more time for guild stuff :/
I had my promotion to silver 1 and while league of legends were loading I managed to practice onanism before starting the game.
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