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What kind of photos do you find attractive?


So I'm trying to level up my online dating profiles, what Kind of photos are good? Should you smile? teeth or without teeth. Ive heard somewhere men shouldn't smile, not sure if that is a valid advice. Vacation pics? whole body or face only?


On an anime dating website, you don't need a picture of yourself. On other dating websites, some people will still view your profiles even if you don't have a real picture. (┌゚д゚)┌I suggest filtered pictures. A smile on the face makes you look like warm and caring person.

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Blurryface to show you care what others think.


colorfull scarlet outfit. something that just make me skip a heartbeat


if they have a dog or cat that's instantly 50 points plus it makes breaking the ice easier

you can just ask 'omg whats the cat/dogs name?! theyr so cute!" etc

otherwise funny posing pix are also eye catching


@liloisback For your information, the absence of clothing does not explicitly imply the presence of any nude in a given photograph.
But yes, nudes are pretty dope!

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