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Your Past Breakup Causes


NOTE: If this thread is unacceptable, delete it.

1st GF: Gaming stealing my attention over her.

2nd GF: Refusing to relate due to her also being a special ed student.

3rd GF: Too busy to respond.

4th GF: Same as 3rd GF.

5th GF: Both of our parents disapprove due to her having bipolar disorder.

6th GF: My parents disapproved her due to schizophrenia and breaking up while returning with regrets 7 times causing me to think I shall find another.

Others that were just friends told me I didn't meet their needs and feel their future with me won't end well. Some just ghost on me, some dislike my "chatterbox" behavior, and some dislike my personality and preferences as well as too busy for me to respond to them, though others were like that to me as well.


When you meet the right person, none of this shit will matter. That's all I can contribute here. lol


5 of my ex’s cheated on me. One I caught in the middle of sex and I left as soon as I arrived. 2 had emotional issues and couldn’t decide if they wanted to be in a relationship including my most recent. 1 had used me for personal gain.


1 broke up with me on pretext of time zone issues. Was clearly cheating on me with someone else and tried to come back. Said that she was forced to breakup with me by the guy she got together with. I didn't believe her.

2 would rarely communicate with me and dodged all questions I'd ask her.

May 21, 20 at 2:50pm

when you meet the right alien or person none of this shit will matter...

May 21, 20 at 2:52pm

1st: the studies and her being abroad made her feel like she couldn't be there for me. She broke up with me because she could see the relationship was making me miserable even though I couldn't see it yet
2nd: she had 7 personalities. Turns out one of the more dominant ones was really into me. When she got treatment and her own self came to the foreground she realised she was a lesbian
3rd: she wasn't ready for a serious relationship, so I broke up with her
4th: she prioritised her studies over me, which she was right to do. It still hurt, and we stated resenting each other, so before we completely hated each other, I broke up with her

May 21, 20 at 3:01pm

a voice was like i dont give a fuck. probably the not good aliens.

May 21, 20 at 3:04pm

Maria and I aren't compatible at all. To answer your question: no, she's not one of them. I never dated her


You know? Your post are weird and unique. Sometimes I wonder what happens in that goat brain of yours @siruboo

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