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Thundercats Roar!! X@

Jan 14, 20 at 9:46pm

who likes it, who doesnt? thoughts.

i dig it, reminds me of teen titans mixed with caca carotcake dbz parody mixed with style of gravity falls/steven universe??

im a long time thundercats fan since the 80s version, 2011 reboot was also good imo. i dont care for teen titans go, gumball, or steven universe, and thought id hate thundercats roar, but after watching it, i actually like it :3.

airs on cartoonetwork, episodes are 11mins each, you can watch it on their website or on other sites. i watched it here:

also cheetara is best thundercat x).

Jan 14, 20 at 11:42pm

havent seen it yet but its on my line up

atleats its more stylized than teen titans go

Jan 15, 20 at 4:49am



Seemed like a garbage excuse to get a paycheck to me

That said possibly cheeky writing cute enough animation. Bitter feelings aside probably not awful.

Don’t care to check it out, tho I can’t say I probably wouldn’t like it

Arguably good. Despite any complaints I come up with

Jan 15, 20 at 12:31pm

Not really digging the new look, especially as someone who grew up with the original. That being said, it's not geared towards me nor have the last two iterations of TMNT so it is what it is. Corporations rebooting shit for new generations regardless of past fan sentiment and/or disdain.


If this is anything like teen titans go, the writing and stuff will have a good bit aimed towards ya. It could be facing the same thing Steven universe and other where it’s just easier and cheaper to draw in that style?

I’d say give it a peek if you’re a fan of the old stuff, I’m sure anyone working on the show now if not at least half of them had some love for the series as a whole!

Jan 15, 20 at 12:51pm

Draw? No... We left that age a long time ago. Technically, I suppose, but alas, tis all digital, now. Also, the picture alone looks like a burning pile of garbage. But, I may be biased. Teen Titans Go wasn't all that good, unless you're on the extreme ADHD scale or a thirteen and under. This is just another way to capitalize on the current adults with children, whom grew up watching the original. All things go in cycles, I suppose.


Sounds about right, and yea it’s digital I know. Had drawn died off in... man I can’t recall all that off top of my head orz

Teen titans go isn’t really good but I’ve seen it on, some bits got me to giggle and I’ve chosen to watch a bit outta curiosity. I can’t rly disagree with ya.

I think that photo is a bit charming, tho arguably a hot mess, I wouldn’t rule out biased but to each their own. Even the weird edgy remake was more interesting then this imo... not that I sat through more then a few episodes

As an idiot who ends up enjoying hot messes and pile of garbage games I can’t help but believe there are some working on it who loves the old series

Jan 15, 20 at 1:19pm

I would not mind as much if they had allowed the 2011 show to finish its run (what a terrible cliffhanger to leave things on).

But as it stands it makes me a bit bitter.

Jan 15, 20 at 2:11pm

I do not enjoy the redesigns. The remind me of scary clown abominations, not cat-human hybrids. Kind of reminds me of a cal-arts version of Krusty the Clown.

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