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Has anyone learnt Japanese and knows how to listen, read and write it?

Best to tackle Hiragana and Katakana first before moving onto Kanji. It's pretty much like the Japanese Alphabet system. Kanji is where things get much more complex though. xD Subbed anime can definitely be a great resource. You can pick up some things here and there but it tends to be exaggerated. Watching foreign Japanese films/dramas are good too. But yeah you have to practice drawing the lines and writing it even if it's difficult especially with Kanji unless you have a good visual memory. Take notes cause that's what I do, there's online resources you can use to study from like a Japanese dictionary and there's websites to help you learn Hiragana and Katakana with flashcards.
really? I can watch anime raw now and understand enough to know the plot and what is happening...I tried learning hiragana and katakana once but then I learned the sheer number of kanji and then I was like nahh..was not for me^^
It's different when speaking Japanese and writing it. It's arguably way harder to learn how to write in Japanese than learning how to speak it because there's so much Kanji memorization on top of knowing all of the Hiragana/Katakana. Some of the basic Kanji aren't as difficult to understand like the Grade 1 Kanji's are pretty simple more or less. But once you get to Grade 2 then that's when it gets much more complicated. Kanjis can have multiple meanings just in general. For example 白 Shiro can mean white among other things, but there's another Kanji for the same exact word Shiro 城 which can mean Castle. Whenever learning how to speak it you just hear it and repeat it and the grammar stuff and whatnot so the learning curve is different. But really with any language you want to learn it's just a matter of patience and whether you have the drive and determination to learn it.
I took Japanese for 2 semesters in high school. I only passed because my Korean friend helped me cheat on tests and my Japanese teacher liked me. He told me a lot of inappropriate jokes and would try to invite me to his house. I did get to a point I could do rough translations of manga raws tho. I haven't tried in years, I'm not even sure I remember hiragana anymore.
@alihawk whoa whoa whoa! Firsr off relatable, I ended up in Spanish Literature somehow. I was good at reading and writing, but we hardly did any speaking for practice. I couldn't convey my thoughts in a conversation very well. As for your teacher, That's fucked and not okay.
Four years after passing N1....(´(エ)`)..My skills in Japanese are non-existent..I really need to brush up my Japanese in order to discuss deep topics concerning literature&buddhism with some Japanese ppl.....
https://i.imgur.com/yRVmnRc.jpg https://i.imgur.com/2FwRZwR.jpg https://i.imgur.com/STdw9wG.jpg
Still far from knowing much japanese but here's some books that I've collected through the years. Other books that in pdf: Kanji de manga (multiple comics on kanji) Genki (study book and workbook) Marugoto (study book and workbook) Online resources: jisho.org (an online japanese dictionary) Duolingo Memrise
I have 2 books I got off amazon a while back. Best way is to just learn Hiragana and Katakana, than find some easy to read material. The type that has Hiragana and katakana symbols next to Kanji.
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