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36 year old Male
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London, United Kingdom
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Feb 20, 22 at 9:39am
No problem. Welcome to MaiOtaku.
Skip openings and endings. This tends to save enough time for an episode depending on how long you plan to watch something for.
I can listen to Japanese, and understand the general conversation as long as the conversation doesn't go into anything specific like too slangish or on topics that I have no idea about like, some aspects of Japanese history, or terms used for their politics and governments. Reading I can do basic, and will have to take my time. Really being skiving on reading and writing. Speaking I can do, but will need to take my time, Only practice I get is reading out loud and speaking to myself, stringing conversations. That said I tested my abilities in Japan and managed to get some good conversations going on topics I never thought I would have to talk about.