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Ways to prevent time loss in watching anime?

While watching anime I try to make the best of my time, for example I don't drop anime due to waste of watching time. For me I can watch a 12 episode anime in 4 hours or so (normal speed) with skipping op and ed occasionally and increase the speed by 1.5x too fit more anime in a day. The trouble is I always feel tired, getting distracted (like making msg between episodes or spending so much time downloading) and getting too lazy to watch the next episode even though I want to watch it (kinda screwed up). Does anyone have any personal experiences or any knowledge of this type of stuff? http://bestringtones.mobi/, http://bestringtones.mobi/zedge-ringtones/, http://bestringtones.mobi/popular-ringtone/
How about you try to enjoy watching anime more instead of trying to watch as many as u can before u die? O.o
It's not the time you watch it in, but the effect it has on you. Also, binge watching shows can make them seem boring. An episode or two at a time for a series is a good way to go about it. If you are shutting everything else out to enjoy what you are watching, then your undivided attention makes using your time effective. Every second is precious in our lives.
What's the rush? Like others here have said why not take your time with the stuff? It's not going anywhere, and if anything you'll burn yourself out and make yourself sick of it at that rate.
Know the feels when you want to sleep and watch the next ep, i ques thats the closest I can get to your problem. Just watch it when you feel like it, Takeit easy and enjoy it, Time that you enjo isn't suppost to be over is a flash is it?
I agree with neet-one & kirii just take your time,have fun with anime you're watching and if you don't mind i also want to include have fun with manga you're reading & have fun with gaming when you're gaming sorry for being a little off topic. Like what neet-one & kirii take your time & have fun with anime you're watching & like what just said neet-one anime is not going anyway and in my opinions you can take your time & have fun with anime you're watching as long as you love that anime you're watching that's all the matters and it doesn't matter if your friends is ahead of you just take your time have fun and enjoy watching anime you're watching. To end it here sometimes i take breaks from watch anime,reading manga & gaming and sometimes i don't take breaks from watch anime,reading manga & gaming it depends on if i want to take a break and if i need a break then i will take a break :).
"User is too trust" love the banning system so much. cant even delete the thread
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