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FMA vs FMA brotherhood

Jul 15, 19 at 12:53pm

I have watched both FMA and FMA brotherhood and i think that both of them have good and bad points in the story. Animation wise obviously FMA brotherhood is better as it's newer but i would like to know other people's opinion on both the shows

Jul 15, 19 at 12:54pm

Some like one some the other but who cares what other people think if it only matters what you yourself think?

Jul 15, 19 at 12:57pm

Literally everything about FMA: Brotherhood is better in every single way imo.

pana commented on FMA vs FMA brotherhood
Jul 15, 19 at 1:06pm

I honestly prefer brotherhood to the max. Would easily rewatch brotherhood a few times, but never the other; but of course to each there own.

Jul 15, 19 at 2:11pm

"Literally everything about FMA: Brotherhood is better in every single way imo."

I agree!!

Except for...

1. In the original, the Homonculi are portrayed as characters with their own thoughts, and their actions are a result of them just wanting to become human... In Brotherhood they're literally just weapons without thoughts of their own.

2. The way to defeat the Homonculi in the original is, to me, far better. Weakening them by *SPOILER* having their remains of their human bodies near them resulted in some of the best moments of FMA, particularly the Greed fight. In Brotherhood, the Homonculi are defeated simply by beating them up.

3. The OST in the original is SUPERIOR to Brotherhood. I feel like this can't even be questioned!

Once the singing starts at the 10 second mark... is there anything in Brotherhood that even comes close?

eternallunar1 commented on FMA vs FMA brotherhood
Jul 15, 19 at 2:18pm

It's honestly a preference. Lots of fans like FMA Brotherhood because it remains faithful to the manga. But if you ask me I personally liked the original FMA more than Brotherhood because it wasn't trying to be like the manga. The music was seriously memorable and it made for great emotional scenes. I can't remember any of the music in Brotherhood that had that impact.
I remember one argument against FMA 2003 was that Dante was a one dimensional villain. I never agreed with that. And you know, I actually found the idea of her at least way more interesting than Father. I think the best way to describe FMA 2003 for me is that it had deeper thought provoking moments.

Brotherhood focused more on the story and characters, and yeah while the original FMA 2003 animation style had a charm about it that I still really like, Brotherhood objectively had better animation. It's much more crisper more fluid especially when it came to the action scenes. The characters in Brotherhood are a bit more fleshed out like Dr. Marcoh, and Scar. Both Kimblee and Greed had better writing as villains, the newer characters you never saw in the original anime like Mei Chan, Ling, and Olivia Armstrong were all great additions. And you certainly got to see more places outside of Resembool and Ishtar. But even with all of that, there's just something about the original that resonates with me more. Again, there's lots to like about both versions of FMA.

Jul 15, 19 at 2:43pm

FMA original all day everyday

the homunculus were not NEAR as good
(sloth and wrath in the original were way better then the manga)

brotherhood also didnt do the chimera episode as well as the original

brotherhood had too many character syndrome
also this scene

eternallunar1 commented on FMA vs FMA brotherhood
Jul 15, 19 at 3:04pm

Oh yeah I so agree! All of the Homunculus had a lot of depth to them in the original that you never got in Brotherhood.(Aside from Greed anyway) Also, I found that the names they gave for each of the Homunculus in the original FMA made more sense than Brotherhood. Like Wrath somehow was Furher Bradley. And pride was his bratty son? I don't even remember Sloth at all. Most of all, I especially really like Lust's characterization as well. She's one of my favorite tragic Homuncli. XP

Jul 15, 19 at 3:06pm

Just watch both really.

Jul 15, 19 at 3:33pm

Both are great.

But I personally prefer FMA because it's a bit grittier, though they really dropped the ball on the ending.

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