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Who was your anime rolemodel as a child/teen/adult?


Basically name an anime character you wanted to be like or still do :)


I think I wanted to be a lot like Sakura Haruno from Naruto while growing up xD
I thought she was pretty and headstrong and I always liked her dynamic with her teammates :d


As a child I wanted to be like Ash from Pokemon xD Later when I was a teenager my rolemodel was Gaara from Naruto and when I started watching Naruto Shippuden I felt connected to Deidara because I thought we were alike and I wanted to be as strong as he was.
Now I don't think I have any rolemodels, probably every anime character I liked in the past influenced me in some way and is now a tiny part of my personality and interests :)


that'd have to phineas, from phineas and ferb
altho i never really had one, i guess that guy comes close to a "rolemodel"
i know it's not anime, but i first saw anime when i saw the movie "arrietty" (i think it was ghibli?)
watched it in last year of primary school. didn't get into anime until 1st year of high school, when a friend of mine was getting obsessed with anime (now he just reads light novels) and recommended me some.


The whole anime scene definitely influenced me as well, I always wanted to be like those inhumanly positive main characters that would end up getting along with everybody and always putting themselves second...I still strive for that in a way but now I'm more inspired by characters who are weak and become strong through trial and error (and no, not the type who is protected just by plot armor). And no, it's not only with fantasy, but more realistic scenarios, like the from the movie A silent voice for example...


In the past,Kogami Shinya;Heiwashima Shizuo
Now, Enkidu


Ippo Makanouchi :D

This man started as a responsible diligent son with few friends and no real sense of self-worth. I couldn't relate to that, I was always kind of badass xD BUT reading it I could see his progress and struggle over time. He didn't get strong to get revenge or to beat up the people who were messing with him. He did it because he was tired of feeling weak and saw something inspirational in boxing.
He wanted to be like that. And because HnI focuses heavily on the training and strategies before a match, you can see the struggles he goes through on his path to becoming a champion. How we learn about his opponents and the weight he carries when he wins (and loses). Seeing all that hard work bear fruit, that kindness, that discipline, and that will to keep going was nothing short of inspiring.
Now he's very wishy washy at times and still very much walks with a "challenger's" mentality which is why he doesn't make a good role model for me when I got older but for the time it gave me something to strive for. I badly wanted to try my best be honest, kind, and dedicated but at the same time (when I needed to be) fierce, uncompromising in my ambition, and willing to work hard in whatever I did to excel.
Cheesy? Maybe. But it helped me a lot growing up and I still enjoy the series to this day.


Small Elgardiel... Goku... Teen Elgardiel ... Ichigo(bleach).....
Adult Elgardiel... I don't realy want to be anyone else, but myself, BUT there is few that I always very much liked:
Zaraki Kenpachi, Ban(seven deadly sins), Hisoka (hunter x hunter), All Might.

p.s. I realy like 'smart' characters, but at the same time I always loved strong people who always do what they want despite oppinion of others, like ones above. I might reflect a bit about that choice now... I basicly picked 'freedom' characters over 'smart' ones ;)


Harima Kenji was and still is my spirit animal basically. Since I related with him on so many levels, I was a total delinquent back in middle school and high school that was too concerned with keeping up the tough guy image to admit that I was a total weeb. :u

I think he really made me realize that there's nothing wrong with fully embracing your passions and running with it despite how 'out of character' it might seem from other people's point of view


Not really an anime character, but ive always identified wth Sora from kingdom hearts. His battle against the Darkness inside of him and the struggle to always stay positive no matter what. Pretty sure ive let the darkness consume me at this point in my life. But who knows, maybe Kairi will save me b4 its all over. hopefully.

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