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Favorite Miyazaki Film and Why?


My favorite Miyazaki Film is Spirited Away. I absolutely love the animation in this movie, from the oddly shaped characters to the dragon Haku. The story is also satisfying as the main character adapts to her circumstances and experiences character development. Another interesting fact is that the character is actually voiced by a child, which helps to immerse you into this movie. The story is about a little girl named Chihiro, who is an anxious child that whines and complains about everything at the start. Later on, she is put into a situation where her parents can't help her, so she must become independent and learn how to survive on her own. Throughout the movie, we see her change from a timid mouse into a lioness. She finds her courage and learns how to adapt to the obstacles life brings her way. It really is a classic....

Feb 06, 19 at 2:20am

Princess Mononoke, if at least for the setting and scenery. I love these folklore, spiritual and mythical things in a traditional japan.

Feb 06, 19 at 5:05am

iv only see porco rosso, spirited away, kiki's delivery service, and totoro

im a scrub, i know (im planning to watch Yesterday soon though)

from the limited ones iv seen, i really enjoyed kiki's delivery service

it lacked a real plot and enemy but thats kinda what made it nice
it was chill af
and the scenery and background environment were amazing

Feb 06, 19 at 6:15am

Lol, there is no answer to this.

Feb 06, 19 at 6:57am

and yet there were three different answers >w>

Feb 06, 19 at 7:01am

Ever since I heard about princess mononoke being shown in disney imax theaters, only for little kids to run out of the theater screaming within the first ten minutes because their parents assumed "Oh, its a disney cartoon, must be suitable for kids" in an anime magazine, it was instantly my favorite, and always will be.

Actually, it's probably what sparked my interest in sociology. Gotta love good culture shock stories.

But yeah, like Cupcakerin said, the shintoist environmentalism message is very well captured in a way that doesn't feel too preachy.

Feb 06, 19 at 8:31am

I like Nausicaa, she's pretty cool.


Neko no ongaeshi

Feb 06, 19 at 9:00am

Nausicaa is probably my second favorite. Hard to choose, really.

Feb 06, 19 at 6:13pm

No mention of Castle in the Sky... y'all disgust me.

(but the correct answer is Spirited Away)

fyi- Miyazaki didn't make The Cat Returns, and he was only the producer on Only Yesterday.

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