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Secret levels anybody?

Nov 19, 18 at 4:44pm

Whenever I play a game I always hope that there's a some type of secret or bonus level what you can unlock. This is because they're normally quite creative, have a sense of intrigue or offer awesome challenge. Does anybody feel the same way? My faves are The extra levels from Yoshi's island, Quake 1 vertigo and hectic from doom 64. What about yours?


Dark Souls: Like, half the game is a secret level lol. Gravelord covenant, ash lake, painted world...

Nov 19, 18 at 5:00pm

does cow level count? this is after it was made easy to get to.....

Nov 19, 18 at 5:02pm

Yep cow level counts I would say though I've never actually played but have seen it on loads of top 10 lists.


I liked the secret levels in DOOM2 which recreated the feel of Wolfenstein-3D fused with DOOM.
I liked a secret level in Wolfenstein-3D which had the Pac-Man ghosts and put me in the role of Pac-Man.
Last but not least, I liked the secret level in Duke Nukem 3D which took me to Area51 and revealed the real truth of everything.

Nov 19, 18 at 8:08pm

Dec 03, 18 at 11:35pm

Then someone kills the Cow King and everyone gets pissed xD

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