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Maid Cafe

Apr 24, 18 at 7:47am

What is it really, like what do they make there?

rockzake commented on Maid Cafe
Apr 24, 18 at 9:47am

They generally serve what all other cafés do, but with cutesy stuff.

Hass[FALLEN] commented on Maid Cafe
Apr 24, 18 at 10:07am

Maid cafe in Germany!
When Im working again on a convention I'll make a better video

❀Sunflower❀ commented on Maid Cafe
Apr 24, 18 at 10:46am

I dunno but I always wanted to go volunteer for a maid cafe at a anime convention, seems really fun

Manga_bird commented on Maid Cafe
Apr 24, 18 at 12:14pm

I didn't go to one, but they're basically cafes where the servers dress as maids and talk to you like their master or mistress. Some of them have themes, like cat girls, and a lot of the time the servers also act as your entertainer. They'll decorate your food with sauces at the table, make you teddy shaped ice creams etc.

inter_change commented on Maid Cafe
May 02, 18 at 4:22pm

I went to my first and last maid cafe in Akihabara. Get greeted with master *your name* play with a funky electric candle thing with hand gestures and put on some kind of animal ears. I ordered a curry plate and she dropped it off at my table and left to join the others at a drunk Japanese table.

neeto commented on Maid Cafe
May 18, 18 at 8:22pm

I did attend one at anime expo last year, but it was pretty lame and nothing like an actual maid cafe to my understanding. There were no food/drinks available, and rather than coming and going as you please like a normal cafe, this had a fixed start and end time. It was much more like a small short concert really. Half of it was the volunteer local girls in somewhat lazy and poorly done maid cosplay(at least compared to the Japanese maids on site) sitting at tables and playing party games with the attendees, then they got on a small stage to dance to a couple songs.
A con regular told me how those con cafes have a bad rep for being lame and crappy and to not expect much, which I didn't But while it wasn't exactly what I expected, but it could have been worse.

I've never been to any in japan, but I'd love to check some out. From my understanding they range from being simple cafe with cute waitresses, To being more of a rather expensive service thing where you can pay to hang out with the maid for a while, talk, play videogames, ect. Kinda like host clubs, but for otaku.

Fuminori commented on Maid Cafe
May 19, 18 at 7:17am

if i went there, i'd cry from happiness lol

S_G commented on Maid Cafe
Jun 07, 18 at 1:11pm

Went to one at Akihabara, shit was awkward.

would do it again.

Cerealia commented on Maid Cafe
Jun 11, 18 at 9:57pm

Worked at a maid cafe at a con for 3 years - can confirm a few of neeto's words. There are fixed time slots, mini dance concerts, maids/butlers playing games with guests, and its all volunteers in maid/butler cosplay. We served the hotel restaurant's food/snacks/drinks at ours.

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