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What could an ideal partner bring you?

Mar 08, 18 at 1:11am

I found this question to be insipring(-̇᷇̂ᴥ ̇᷇̂-).(I was reading a book about interpersonal relationships)


A good time and no drama?

Mar 08, 18 at 6:07am

Someone to share these silly thoughts with, who can poke fun but also try to understand them. Share their silly thoughts with me so we can ask all the weird questions and find many different answers...then gamble on them

Mar 08, 18 at 6:43am
This account has been suspended.
Mar 08, 18 at 6:58am

Just a little attention and affection is enough. Being consistent in it is hard though


Someone I know will always be there, so I'll never feel alone. Someone that will appreciate how much I'll love them, and will love me in return.


To be honest, whatever adds to you as a person. Everyone has insecurities, so maybe some security? I have a couple really good friends who married each other. And he he does that for her (and a little vice versa). Companionship most of all i think.

I dont believe in the whole "complete me" thing. I believe that you, as a person are good, but having the right person makes you BETTER... does that make sense? Maybe i should have said something more straightforward...


Peace of mind? Happiness?

Also i agree with bunnyman i dont need someone to "complete me" cuz i complete myself. I just want someone to hang with and make the time up until my demise more enjoyable


That's also a good point. It won't do you any good if something happen and you suddenly find yourself incomplete because of it...

Mar 08, 18 at 9:56am

I'm already a happy girl, but a SO can make that happy even more happy. But mostly I'd like to make them happy! I'm kinda of dominant in a relationship and want to make my partner feel the ultimate joy. XD I also strive to find someone who shares the same interests or passions. So we can be a mean game-making whirlwind of a duo. I guess it'd just be cool to find a best friend who can be more/start a family with. With little minions to help us take over the universe.

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