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Why do some guys....

Golden_Epitaph started Why do some guys....
Feb 12, 18 at 8:56pm

I'm pretty weird too, but I like to think there's a reason for everyth- ....Most things I do..
But anywho..

Why do some guys put pictures of anime girls up for their profile pic? Or only make female charecters in mmo's.. It's pretty misleading... I feel like everyone who does this falls into a special unnamed category.......Of people to avoid. . .Reminds me of the generic hentai main male charecter.

Dont have any major problems with people that do this aside from the fact that it just kinda urks me...I wanna saw those kinda people are "Nice Guys" but I think thats a stretch...

yaasshat commented on Why do some guys....
Feb 12, 18 at 9:07pm

I only wonder what my pictures elicit. Then again, I'm married, so I don't care all that much.

But, to remain on topic...

I've never understood this phenomenon either. I mean, I get it in games, guys like looking at female characters (not to mention, getting free stuff by faking being female and taking advantage of other desoerate guys .) As for the pictures here? Probably some of the same reasoning involved. But, I also question anyone who's actually looking as to why they'd use a cartoon as thier avatar. It's like you're hiding something.

Feb 12, 18 at 9:15pm

I ask some of those questions myself about profile pictures. Its one thing to have a female and male character in the picture, but to feature a female character seems a little odd to me. As for MMO characters, some of my mmo characters are female, but I don't act like I'm a girl when I play them, sometimes I'm just bored of playing a guy toon. My main on WoW is an Undead male warlock. Sometimes I just think the female models look better than the male models.

Golden_Epitaph commented on Why do some guys....
Feb 12, 18 at 9:31pm

Well in your case Yasshat, I like to think people who post pictures like what you have. Post them according to their personal interest; I like to think there's some kind of story or explanation behind pictures like that that only the owner of the account and maybe some close friends know about. Almost like an inside joke or something.

Well shit, I think the people that actually like to pretend to be girls; even if its just to get stuff, fall into a deeper category than the one we started with. . . But lets save that for another time. I mean theres not much mystery to those kinds in my opinion. (oddly enough)

I can answer your curiosity! To some degree.
I mean, for me...It does depend on what site i'm on to some extent as well as the potential viewers of my profile.
See for Facebook and most of the commonly known social media, yes I do like to use anime pictures to hide my face. Mostly because I dont want to be found on there by people I know in real life, sure I do have some real life friends who know what my accounts are, both those people I would trust with my social security number aha... I like to keep my social networking separate from my actual self, to some extent.

Now secondly...Especially for Facebook and anywhere i'm prone to get into stupid arguments about memes or anime or whatever. I like to keep as little about my actual self on display to avoid the dreaded ad hominem; and or "The personal attacks people like to make when they get backed into a corner during an argument" Hey what can I say...I have feelings, and below average self esteem, the last thing I want is someone roasting me because I told them the earth is round. In short its just me building walls.

So yeah, i'm hiding. From strangers and other people I who I dont want to be found by.
I always heard posting yourself online wasn't a smart thing to do anyway.
I do private face reveals when I get comfortable enough with the person.
And again, lets not forget the self esteem issue here. I'm ugly, so yeah.

Golden_Epitaph commented on Why do some guys....
Feb 12, 18 at 9:37pm

I was actually looking to makes some friends on here as well; female or male.
I really dont get along with girls for some reason, and I thought I found a girl that was chill and stuff, but then it turned out she was into girls; which isnt really a problem, sure she could get the wrong idea but I felt like maybe it would be fine.

But no.
It was a really a guy.

And i'm just like...But why though?
Then I just kept stumbling across more and more...And i'm like...BUT WHY THOUGH.

Eh I guess I could get that Midas...
Getting bored of playing the guy. I do that too sometimes, but some people do it ALL the time....They obsess over it...
...Never liked how some guys idolize females like trophies and stuff... Personally, I would appreciate if people could see me as either a guy or just a person in general.

I always kinda envied my guy friends in a way cause they always got along so comfortably and natural together. They could chill in a room, chatting away for hours, joking and stuff, roughhousing... But they would always act different toward girls. Awkward, competitive... Sucks.

Feb 12, 18 at 9:42pm

If a guy is using a female anime character on here for their icon, I would just assume it's the fact they're a fan of said character. It might be a little misleading I guess, but a lot of the time you can tell by their username if they're a guy or girl. I would also say there are a more variety of female characters to choose from just based on a lot of series too. And let's face it, there is no shortage of waifu's to choose from in the current fandom.

Now, that being said, I feel my personal rule of thumb applies to this site as far as avatars go regardless of gender. If your intention is to use this site to just find friends, then in my mind it doesn't really matter too much what you have in your profile or as an avatar. If you're actually seriously intending to use this site to find a legitimate relationship, in my mind you should at least have one or two pics of your IRL self on your profile even if they aren't your immediate avatar.

Feb 12, 18 at 9:52pm

I just do it because I like it. I pick female characters for nearly anything I'm on just like here.

Anyways, if the guys give free things to someone just because they are a 'female', then the guy is a fucking dipshit and deserve getting fucked over like that.

Feb 12, 18 at 9:55pm

Some girls also put pictures of anime guys up for their profile picture..Also, their gender is MALE...
( °Д°)...I did the same thing on my Chinese social media hah.

Feb 12, 18 at 10:00pm

Because waifus dude.

Feb 12, 18 at 10:07pm

RainX is pretty much on point.

If the dude is here and legitimately only is looking for friends to talk anime and stuff, then their ava pic doesn't matter. A lot of guys on my psn friends list have girl avas, and the anime forum I was a part of years ago was filled with dudes parading around with avas of girls. But those are circumstances of looking for a community to talk to people, regardless of sex, about games and anime.


...if it's a dude looking to form a bond with a girl, and they always use pics of their waifus while also NEVER showing real pics of themselves, then I think that should be the first caution sign. It's not much different for the dudes that use male anime avas but still NEVER show real pics of themselves. The 2nd caution sign of both these types is that they love to say things like "I don't show my real pic because looks don't matter to me. I want a girl to care about me for who I am, not for my looks!" and meanwhile 95% of the girls they try to talk to all have real pics of themselves, and the great majority of them are cute. Bunch of frauds.

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