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Longest time you've spent in a single game?

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For me, I got two games I've spent a huge majority of my time on. At least, going off of Steam. (Imagine tracking that shit every single day yourself)

For me, going off of my main and alt account, would be Garry's Mod with 4,167 hours spent in total. Which is nearly half a year worth of time!

My second most played is Team Fortress 2. I've wasted 3,409 hours on that. That added along with my team spent on Garry's Mod is nearly a total year worth of pure gaming time!

What a way to realise how fast time goes.


I need to log into wow and check my played time for my main. Its not my oldest character, but its damn close.


If people knew how many times I've replayed Doom 3 (or any Doom game) in my lifetime, they would probably literally vomit. I mean I have over 500 hours in Warframe right now and I've played every Doom game for roughly that amount of time as well. I am a sad, strange little man.

Feb 07, 18 at 6:26pm

I'm really glad I'm not subbed to WoW currently, I really don't want to know. definitely at least over a year of played time of my life into that game, no joke.

Feb 08, 18 at 3:08am

Back in EQOA on the PS 2 it ranged from 400-1000hours give or take, granted it lasted for 10 years(since 2002 it shut down 2012)

My god I miss my paladin :(


Never heard of EQOA in my life lol but damn, songs like a long running game

Feb 08, 18 at 9:43am

Yeah Everquest was fun and chill :)


Solitary: ~28 hours straight in TERA
Cumulative: ~2200 hours in Super Smash Bros. Melee (4-6 hours a day of Melee since Dec. 2017 (~420 days would be 2,100 hours) + time in tournaments (Maybe 100 hours))


You compete in tournaments? Ever been in the big ones?

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