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Net neutrality

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Nov 21, 17 at 5:31pm

guess its gonna die soon

Nov 21, 17 at 5:50pm

Yep for 'murrica at least. Now we'll have a new freedom: the freedom to be ripped off even more for internet services. Capitalism at it's best. I can see my area being hit pretty hard by this shit because one service provider has a monopoly on the area.

Lamby commented on Net neutrality
Nov 21, 17 at 6:10pm

yeah, wer in a monopoly too

there is stuff we can still do, call congressmens and shit, but i doubt thatll change anything

Nov 21, 17 at 7:14pm

omg, **** that sack of **** Ajit Pai >.< Seriously, people should be calling their representatives and bitching about that ****ing corporate **** gobbling ass weasel day and night
(Edited for the kids lol)

Nov 21, 17 at 9:02pm

Just go to the front page of reddit and you'll find a ton of threads and resources.

siruboo commented on Net neutrality
Nov 21, 17 at 10:47pm

didnt the guy who made reddit kill himself because of these people sending him to jail all the time? i wouldnt be able to take that shit ether

shinu commented on Net neutrality
Nov 21, 17 at 11:53pm

There's multiple issues with the internet as it stands today. At least two.

I don't know everything that the laws entail, and what exactly is going to happen, because no one knows any laws and/or doesn't show them off for anyone to make a fair assessment. With that said, what people are concerned about is a very justifiable position, and their worries are my worries as well.

You can tell me a law will kill babies, but emotional arguments just don't really affect me. What are the details exactly? Exactly what is going to be repealed, added, or whatever.

If I have to take a position without that information, it would be to remain with the status quo, which is what everyone is fighting for anyways. But until I'm forced to do such a thing, I'll just keep pointing out the lack of details being passed around.

Then again, maybe we as common civilians just don't have those details, which is a problem itself.

Nov 22, 17 at 12:50am

We do have the details, quite readily available.

Internet providers want to make you pay for package deals. Instead of letting you just view every website, you'd have to go according to what your ISP would be willing to provide. Think cable TV and you'll get the idea. I pay to go online. Simple, right? That's not what most isp's want, they're getting greedy at the cost of a much lower quality and much more company controlled internet. Hey, if they get this thru, even this little site and your access to it could be affected.


Nov 22, 17 at 6:28am

That is all correct, but it really goes even deeper than that.

Cable and internet providers have gotten so big that like 4 of them pretty much control the industry. There is no free market among ISPs anymore. Startup attempts are either bought out or forced to go out of business. And these companies all have non compete agreements, so they basically stay out of each others' areas. This has led to many places in the country only having 1, maybe 2 real choices for ISPs. So these companies can get away with being as shitty as they want because, well, who else are you going to get your internet from? So basically, this:

And it goes past slowing sites down via artificial throttling, which would happen to things like Netflix, youtube, gaming services, etc. Gutting net neutrality rules will allow internet providers to just completely block whatever they want for no reason. And we're not just complaining about for fun stuff here. They could do things like block access to certain news portals (like Fox News or everything that isn't Fox News) to force their political agendas by just blocking access to alternative information. They could say "You know what, we like Wells Fargo, we won't let you use online service for Bank of America, Chase, etc anymore" and legally do it. They can do this with medical information if they're buddies with a specific insurer or pharma provider. And this wouldn't just affect the US; any of these internet services whose servers are located in the US could be slowed down/blocked for the entire world so long as any part of their ingoing/outgoing traffic is wired through the landlines of an ISP that doesn't like it.

And Comcast and Verizon want us to think that they just won't stoop so low as to do these things. But they have, even with title 2 regulations, and are intent to do so again. They've proven time and time again that they can't be trusted. Heck, take a look at what Comcast tried to pull in Maine. They were given TAX PAYER MONEY from the government to lay new internet lines, but they almost just completely cut off parts of Maine from the internet (they pocketed the money, didn't feel like doing the work and gave a little to the right congressmen to sweep it under the carpet). Said parts of Maine ONLY have access to Comcast, so if they just said fuck it and shut off the internet, those parts of Maine would have had no internet at all. Just because they didn't feel like being bothered with it. And they basically own the area, so no one else could have come in and done it. This is the kind of shit we're looking at dealing with if Title 2 rules go away.

And Pai has done more than just trying to kill Net Neutrality. He's also been trying to sneak Sinclair's acquisition of Tribune through. Sinclair is bad because they force all of their stations to air prepackaged alt-right propaganda through like 25% of the day or something wild like that. Pai also undid net privacy rulings, that legally block ISPs from gathering and hoarding information on users' browsing history and selling it with impunity (including things like credit card information used in online purchases, social security information used to access student loans, bank accounts, etc, you name it and they can now legally capture it and sell it with no accountability over what the buyer uses it for).

shinu commented on Net neutrality
Nov 22, 17 at 11:23am

"They're getting greedy"

That's not a detail. That's speculation.

What I want to see is very specific. We're talking about a law that's going to be either put into effect or is expiring soon, or something, right?

I want to know not only what that law is, but exactly what it says, and then what parts of it are concerning and why.

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