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Are Foreign Cosplayers Insulting Japan?

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This guy name Nobita can help. If anything inappropriate in this video, remove if necessary.

Oct 25, 17 at 9:17pm

First off Japan ain't all about anime or cosplay so you can't exactly say that Japan is being insulted. Cosplay is a very minor thing in my opinion. People do it for fun or to show off their "modeling" skills, not like it has a big impact on how the Japanese would see us Americans.

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on Are Foreign Cosplayers Insulting Japan?
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Oct 25, 17 at 9:30pm
This account has been suspended.

No I don't think so.

Oct 27, 17 at 12:39pm


Oct 27, 17 at 8:44pm

No I don't think it is insulting. Cosplaying should be something fun that anyone can enjoy. No reason people shouldn't be able to cosplay as their favorite character just because they are not Japanese.


Ugh, I've always hated the term "weeaboo" it just sounds so stupid and doesn't make sense to me. "Oh look this guy really enjoys that culture, what a WEEEAAABOOOO" like fuck those people, seriously.

When I went on my trip, at one point I was quarantined on a hotel floor in Kyoto with some other people, I wore my kimono and rice paddy hat for the f of it cause it was comfortable and I felt badass. When these fine young female nurses arrived on our floor, I bowed at them and continued walking to my room after I got something I needed. They weren't like, giving me weird stares or saying anything about it, they giggled, I guess because they enjoyed my act of comedy while embracing their culture (I think). After that, the next day I wore my rice paddy hat while boarding a bus, cause why not, I felt badass af. Two older Japanese men complimented my awesome hat. Am I a "Weeaboo"? Just because I wanted to show my love for the culture? Screw that. If I go again I'll probably cosplay in like, Akihabara or something for fun.


Not in the damn slightest. Something that's simply a hobby doesn't hurt anyone and it's a great form of self expression. Here's the thing; anime, games and "otaku" culture in general is a actually a very small but passionate niche within the country and people who indulge in the hobby are often looked down upon and stigmatised as the stereotypical no-life neets shagging their body pillows all day long. Granted there are some weirdos who do that but that's not the point, the point is that this kind of stuff would never insult a country when the vast majority of its population either don't care for that stuff or see it all in a negative light. Thus I doubt they care whether foreigners do it or not and I imagine those within the culture are probably very fond of people outside of Japan doing cosplay of anime characters. Again, it's also just a hobby.

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