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I've gone to the dark side of gaming...

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And bought my ps4 last year. Back in the day i had my xbox and my playstaion 2, along with a gamecube but f*** that console. anyway i liked the xbox more because they had better exclusive games at the time that i wanted to play. plus i was used the button layout on the xbox.


Fast forward a couple years and i stumble upon Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn for the PS3. Me and my bro were sharing an xbox one at this time. but i didn't care! I bought a cheap ps3 from gamestop and downloaded the game. I found out that Playstation has all the damn anime games i like! >__<. so ever since then i've been a PS guy. and my lil bro calls me a traitor lmao ^__^


anyone else switch from one console to another?


I switched from xbox to playstation cause I was really sick of this whole (buy a game but have to download the entire game and updates) bullshit.... not that it's saved me from downloading 5000 updates but, yea Microsoft became a bigger sell out and Nintendo still can't figure out how to make a system correctly (even if they are the true kings)

Jul 26, 17 at 7:16pm

pc master race scrubs


I usually do PC these days, I don't touch my systems anymore...they've let me down


PS1 Gamceube PS2 PSP and DS
then changed to Xbox 360
then to PS3
Recently got a lot of emulators tho so DS and PSP again


I stopped buying consoles when i realized i spent several hundred dollars for maybe 50 hours total of enjoyment.


I hear pc gaming is better than consoles, but i can't really tell the difference. I jus enjoy the variety of games on ps4.

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