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What to do with my life

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Apr 21, 17 at 8:48am

Well, I'm 29 and live in Wales, working in a home store, which I love! No, really, I do.

At the same time, I feel somewhat unsatisfied with life outside of that. Going to work, not doing much outside besides watching tv and youtube. I'm getting a little wander lust again, thinking I'd like to go out to Japan or somewhere and teach again in the long term, but what should I do right now?

Apr 21, 17 at 10:16am

Marry me <3

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on What to do with my life
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Apr 21, 17 at 5:06pm
This account has been suspended.

Stick to your plans and move on imo. Or add me and we can be bored together :D

Ok, now be serious. I Suggest Sport on any time when you are bored. 100% healthy, anywhere possible and alot of value. Try running or of you are lazy few Sit ups or some workouts. If you are not motivated than just do gaming. Its a cool time waste.

Apr 21, 17 at 8:40pm

Up until globalization was a thing, most people found happiness and purpose in their family rather than individualistic pursuits. So this is a very common and valid question in this age, now that "Success" has become synonymous with societal worth. Believe me, we all question what we should be doing with our lives. The best I can answer is to invest in experiences rather than objects and things. Why not make a trip to Japan a short term goal? As you come back from the trip, you will have more of an answer than what you have now.

Apr 22, 17 at 5:01am

Traveling the world and finding yourself is always an option.

Apr 22, 17 at 10:02am

In my opinion traveling is a good way to find satisfaction and you probably find out more things about yourslef that you didn't know about.

Apr 22, 17 at 4:36pm

Haha if I had the money I'd travel non stop!

Was that a proposal Sherflow?

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