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115 @siruboo commented on Vent
Jan 07, 23 at 9:59pm
i feel dirty. i was telling a ugly girl through text to fuck me. it is funny, ive never been on a date. i was drunk. i was thinking today hoy like 40 girls i tryed to say hi to and it was not great. most were guys and fat girls. my depression times very desperate. then i thought maybe humans dont go together. the last few years everyone says hows you and yours? everyone is always with someone. when im like i like pussy im the dirty ugly nasty guy at almost 40 that has tried too much. my friends that turned into people that said they will grow up to be teachers or something, then now i cant talk to them on fb. too rich or dad sweater vest bro now. just waiting to die so im not posting on forums.
yaasshat @yaasshat commented on Vent
Jan 07, 23 at 10:51pm
@verucassault He "resides" with both of us and usually quite an equal amount of time. The difference is, I get on him more often and try to correct him. His mom? Not as much. He's had a ton of change in a short amount of time, my girlfriend moved in at the beginning of last year, he started pre-k, he no longer sleeps in my bed, his sister was born...etc But, yes. I don't think he understands the weight of words, but I made sure to let him know that what he said should make him feel uncomfortable and not good. Pretty sure it's a moment he won't soon forget.
Jan 07, 23 at 10:58pm
@yaasshat Oh my bad. I thought you had said he was choosing to stay with her more. Yeah, being the disciplinarian a tough gig.
115 @siruboo commented on Vent
Jan 08, 23 at 12:19am
To be fair I've always been a inventer. All my attention has gone to that. Even if it's inventing shitty things. Buts it's the things that pushes a few people forward and who knows maybe 100 people I inspire.
yaasshat @yaasshat commented on Vent
Jan 11, 23 at 6:58pm
4 yr old is falling asleep and now his sister (Almost four months old.) decides she'd like to wake up and fuss... Well Played Paige, well played.
Jan 27, 23 at 9:47pm
I had some bad stuff happen today, but I had a great week at work so I guess shit works out.
Mr. Salt @arc commented on Vent
Feb 02, 23 at 5:52pm
yaasshat @yaasshat commented on Vent
Feb 02, 23 at 6:17pm
Sorry... The snow (Barely any at that.) must've melted on the way down south.
Lamby @momoichi commented on Vent
Feb 03, 23 at 4:21am
just because something is artsy and abstract doesn't mean it has no meaning or subtext. skinamarink was one of the best/worst horror films iv seen, and im excited to see more from that director, but everyones interpretation of the movie is either 1. hE'S In a cOmA 2. there is none its just a scary movie with a scary monster 3. divorce but i wont think deeper on it. its clearly about divorce and how a child interprets it. evidence 1. only the dad is around when the boys hurt, he calls someone who would want to know asap about his injury so not a grandparent or aunt/uncle, and this person tellingly didn;t seem to really care as much as they should (aka a parent that is moving on in life without their child) 2. they are alone in the movie with kailey being their primary care take, as the dad works often and likely feels overly stressed/unable to spend time with his children for as long as they need, likely latchkey kids which are near exclusive to single parent households. 3. kailey wont talk about their mother, likely because she knows whats going on with the divorce but the boy is too young. 4. the movie is from the little boys interpretation of this, they're spirited away and all alone because thats how he feels with both his parents attention preocupied since his mother moved out. 5. when kailey's mouth is taken, this shows her being unable to speak about their mother, as seen earlier in the movie with her unwillingness to talk about her. 6. the monster. this the linchpin to the movie. if this is about divorce, wtf was that monster. the monster was the 'other person' that the mother was cheating with and left to be with. how do we know this? well, the monster stole their parents away, the monster messed with their lives, making it different yet fundamentally the same, ie the house changing. the monster took kailey's mouth away, because of this new person appearing kailey feels resentful toward their mother for leaving their father for them, but to a little boy its as if this monster has stolen her voice. the controlling aspect im not so sure of, and this could and likely is a stretch, but maybe because everything around him feels uncontrollable, he feels like he is not even in control of his own actions. but, idk on that, could just be monster spoopy stuff. what solidifies this in my mind in that the monster sounds both male and female. it has no real face, only a vague shape. because he has never seen this person, he likely has only ever heard whispers behind doors and so to him, this is some hushed boogieman that has stolen mommy and his sister's voice and turned his life upside down. this feels obvious, and its really super frustrating to me that i havent seen this deep of an analysis anywhere. and if i see one more 'HES IN A COOOOMMAAAAAA' theory im gonna saint maud myself.
Feb 03, 23 at 9:28am
It's way to early for my allergies to be kicking in... I can't stop sneezing and it sucks.
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