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Flying alone isnt so bad. Just pray you dont get a talker next to you. 4 hours of a dude talking about puppies. I couldnt take it anymore.


im just scared of getting lost in the airport tbh. everytime iv flown i relied on someone else to guide me, and im fucking terrified of getting lost and missing my flight

Sep 17, 21 at 4:16pm

@momoichi, it's easy. Lots of instructions everywhere.


you clearly overestimate my intelligence to assume i can follow basic instructions

Sep 17, 21 at 7:30pm

@momoichi yes you can. It's so easy. The airport staff guides you.


My favorite boss who was my former boss just announced my promotion yesterday. So now he's my boss again. Furthermore, I took great joy in surpassing a person I started with who always looked their nose down at me because according to them the job I started at was beneath them.
I've received 3 promotions in the time we started. They have received 0.

Feels good to be rewarded for hard work.

Sep 23, 21 at 11:24am

I think that is one of the most hearted comments I have seen in my 5 + years on this website, not counting the ones that are liked multiple times by any particular person.


We should probably post our W's way more often.


I confess I will post more W(ombats) I have from now on thanks to what Veru said.

Xin @xinmage commented on Confessions
Sep 23, 21 at 9:36pm
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