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Apr 01, 20 at 6:29pm

Correction: By 'below', I mean 'at top of page'.

Apr 01, 20 at 6:28pm

Sponsored by AFD and TWDNE, I am forced to once again post TWDNE pics for no reason*.

'Purified' renders below:

Mar 31, 20 at 8:29pm

This is often the one thing that an 'audible number' of DOOM Eternal's Slayer community deems a viable threat to their entire Slayer career.

Rendered/posed in Source Filmmaker.

Mar 22, 20 at 9:05am

Completed DOOM Eternal.

Mar 12, 20 at 7:37pm

A reminder and word of urgency for some: if you find any 'TWDNE' images I shared to be to your liking, feel free to save them and edit them. The next time you check they might not be the same images anymore, because that's what TWDNE's like every time it's maker updates the algorithm behind it.

Mar 08, 20 at 6:15pm

Some quick doodles I just did.

Mar 07, 20 at 7:51pm

I should mention this.

A fake profile messaged me a while back with this. I checked their profile and their 'about me' page had a different URL in it.

Mar 07, 20 at 7:42pm

It's been about 4 days since I last posted anything so I'll start rambling.

Subject: Exams. More specifically, exam papers.
Sources: Me, my experiences (circa Secondary school, mainstream exams).

I personally am not really in favour of them because from my awareness and what I see, and have seen, they do the following:
-Segregate (loss of free time). -Isolate (more time spent studying, pressure to study, inability to call out or collaborate). -Delete pack mentality (better known as 'teamwork' or 'friendship').

...And more I have not mentioned - including some extreme, tragic scenarios.

This (to me) leads to less people working as a group to earn enough to get a place for themselves to live life cozily thanks to sharing of tasks.

Alas, exam papers (from general education) do not teach anyone anything other than the status quo, especially to-and-for the people who mark them, except that X people follow instructions clearly, Y people cannot, Z people showed 'unique results'.

There's also a heavy dose of expectation around it, as it is designed to dictate your future, your fate. To get anything below a minimum passing grade is essentially to be viewed as expendable hardware.

Exam papers to me need to be a lower priority than, say, the culinary/cooking course that, from what I remember, was merely optional. ...Or writing, drawing, by hand.

I would say more but I pre-edited this to try and keep it to the subject. The rest I culled was about my experience with the futile efforts in seeking out a relationship.

On the only remnants of that tangential note to wrap this up:
This is my experience and perspective, and based on what I hear. If it doesn't match up to what you think I should be hearing, then it is probably a problem of locale.

The tangent itself: In today's society, the chances of being deemed offensive due to just saying that you're looking for a relationship if you're a man (like me) are 99% higher than ever.

Mar 03, 20 at 6:13pm

Something to mull over:
Sword Logic (from Destiny - the game Bungie tried to make a vast universe with, and - to me - fail to convey ingame despite there being visible signs of -something).

The Hive - a race transformed and reliant on violence, murder, everything that 'takes' to live that one extra second - rely on Sword Logic:

You cut something? Thing you cut it with becomes sharper. You bruise yourself? You become more durable. And, in extreme cases, death? Stuck in the Ascendant Plane in your own Throneworld, where you're at your weakest/strongest.

This doesn't apply to everything but the principle is vivid: To exist is to have already won the biggest bossfight of all.

//The tangent begins here.

Only now you're stuck with (dealing, depending on your mindset) with the ones who did the same, or cheated their way and expect the same results.

...Except the win condition is controlled by a cosmic diceroll, and in the unknowable numbers of other timelines, the you that you know is you here isn't the you there. For all anyone can fathom that next-door timeline could have magic and you'd be a dragon serving as an air-taxi service in order to hoard coin.

To put what I've said into a cohesive nutshell:

-Sometimes letting something happen, or making something slightly out of your comfort zone occur and knowing it'll do you good in the long-run at the cost of slightly unsatisfactory short-term effects, is the best decision one can make.

-Listening to the one causing you an inconvenience, and then asking them 'why' - take an interest into what drives them, make them stumble on their own tail.

-In most cases, many are not worth 'listening' to. It's not easy, but it -is- possible to be selective about what emotions you feel from seeing squiggles/shapes/formations we know as 'words' being printed-out by what you could determine to be a MOB or NPC, since this is the internet and is not tangible at this time.

-Regardless of your circumstance, you are not alone~. Someone, perhaps someone you actually know, is rooting for you. If not in this world, then in another.

-If you have a bodypillow with a character on it, know that somewhere in the multiverse, there is someone else with a bodypillow of your likeness.