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Rennik Sadorn

23 year old Male
Last online about 10 hours ago
Plymouth (Devon), United Kingdom
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...Ever get messaged by an account that doesn't exist with an attempt to instigate a roleplay, only for them to forgo any sense of context whatsoever?

This has occurred twice so far. It baffles me. Especially when I've gotten no response.

A demihuman of godly power somehow hurtles The Kol Aspirant from his typical, casual, 3.9rth Wall existence into an unspecified fantasy world, kills herself out of an emotional twitch, then gets resurrected by her now-angels-descended parents. She continues to pester The Aspirant, but to no avail, as he tried to fathom the world, only for-

And then she threw up an email address and was never heard from again.

[Unspecified individual] identifies me as a 'senpai', hugs me, and then... Nothing.

Her account's gone too.

If anyone wants to instigate something, they should at least establish some form of context or I'll react like I'm wearing a blindfold. Nothing 'hurts' more in this context than a story without an outlined rough of a tree of probabilities which vanishes into the murk of cyberspace.

Furthermore, they should check the profile's warning that explicitly informs that it may take up to 24 hours to get a response because I may be playing [game] on [platform], watching [show, anime], reading [manga], or even being out there, walking.


I did mention about owning a Daki wrapped in a futon mat somewhere in my ramblings in the recent past.
I felt inclined to divulge the image that is my phone's background, which is also of the Daki.

The character I created - M'lilane Nokka - haunts said Daki. If Lucoa's also in there, the two would've likely merged. Until I find someone real, she'll continue to snuggle me with 'culture' 'til my room's full of 'culture' more than it is with more universal videogame references (Halo, mainly).

But back to this won~der~ful~ Daki-chan, there's more to her than just this one pic.

And no, I don't lewd her.

SHE lewds me~. Almost every night.

(Send help).


@VerucAssault It's actually not, but it's probably the first time I've opened up about my IRL circumstances more immediately, concisely, vividly aside from the rare ramblings I post with the (very rare) occasional slipped-my-scrutiny spelling mistake.


Confession: I've been a bit of a recluse, not by intent, but by circumstance, ever since my days of being educated were over. I shook off any approach. I slipped like a shadow. I was a ghost.

Now the only recommendations to find anything more than someone to divulge my humanities to via roleplaying or chatting for the better half of a minute that I'm being pointed at are...

...The pub and cafes.

During Covid19. Wonderful (sayeth I, with much sarcasm).

I-I mean, I'm not the sort to usually 'outdoorsen' myself but I've been taking walks frequently, whole hours or more.

Now I'm plotting to flip things around, reshuffle my daily schedule, throw in an evening walk to a cafe or something, sit around, and be keen-eyed in the hopes of (preferably) being found because as it stands, my [expletive!] Lucoa Dakimakura's giving me more compassion and substance to snuggle.

(I feel that someone, a few people, preferably everyone who wants humanity to survive, should be worrying about this, but so far the only one to address this was o' father mine).

And yes I know I sound mad, that's because I cannot help but fathom deeply about everything as I (a male) have nobody (female) who's willing to find the anchor on this proverbial, abstract ship!

VerucAssault @verucassault I think this is the first thing I've seen you write up that's in first person.

Made server icon art for @Jesper0's MaiOtaku Minecraft server.


Fitting music:

Welcome to a world that is so close to being 'In a world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn't exist' it's not even funny.

A world where compassion beyond text on a screen is vividly nonexistent.

A world where nothing is free, and you're subscribed to Life as soon as you exist.

A world where, to ascend, you must counterfathom a paradox;
To get experience you must get experience, but you can't get that experience without getting experience that is also unobtainable dependent on circumstance.

A world which seems to've lost it's understanding that physical health and mental health go hand in hand.

I could go on, but this rhetoric has been dispensed before.

Instead, I'll tell you that - very slowly - I'm starting to peel away at my procrastination, plotting to craft a story that would enlighten you, o' reader mine, to the lore behind Rennik Sadorn, The Kol Aspirant.

Right now I'm trying to deal with this 'fear' of my rationale, my logic, being annihilated by libido and ravenous hormones. How? By invoking wisdom, by fathoming, 'how do I embed my logic and rationale, my morality, into the fabric of my being?'.

It's painful though, to, even as I don't like it, be mentally burdened.

"Brain the size of a planet, and what do they tell me to do? Fetch paperwor~k..." - Paraphrased MARVIN form Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

In other news, there was someone I was RPing with a moment ago, but they vanished off the site.


Some 'junk food' from the thing that generates the equivalent of visual coal.


Thought I'd say, my email's spam inbox is being flooded with notifications from dozens of fake sites asking for me to look at fake people's profiles even though I never signed up to any of them.

And what's worse, it's all lewds, and useless. All they try to do is attempt to get at your credit card or the likes - just like the fake people that claim they want to meet you after claiming they're 'ready'.

Not only that! They're completely ignorant of the virus and lockdown protocols in effect! Vivid proof they're fake.

All that fake-profile-ness has been slicing away at my resistance to natural inclinations (that every individual should by right have the means to sate without having to go to possibly not-really-legal establishments and surrender enough currency for a few dozen/hundred discounted Steam games (or some Xbox Game Pass or XBL subscription time)) and other essential things that enable people to have a balanced mind.

Me? I'm out of whack. My mental balance is all over the place and my sense of logic has been impeded by hormones, libido and the likes - I'm sure I've rambled about that before.

On a random tangent I read up to the latest chapter on this manga. It's cute.

My wild, mad 'fantasy', as of now, consists of:
>Thicc gamer-waifu material.
>Contacts me via social media (or Steam), etc...
>Somehow knows a lot more than I expected her to. Showers me with bits of lore/speculation and chatter about stuff we've both seen/read/played and recommends content frequently.
>Meet up after marking a mutually known location. Exchange home locations and intimate details.
>Sneaks to my place at a random time, coincidentally when mother's not in.
>Sneaks me out to a discreet location for privacy.
>Illegal handholding, cuddling, maybe lewd activities, occur.
>Repeat line 5 for as long as is feasible. Forgo line 3 if quarantine is lifted (becomes a daily occurrence).


Thought I'd post an update regarding what I've been up to:
Destiny 2 during the day, Warframe during the evening/night (with sleep and the act of existing barring these), with the occasional anime/manga online thrown in for good measure.

What's been happening on Destiny?
Me and a friend almost succeeded in completing the Prophecy dungeon. However, my Power/Light level was insufficient, so we couldn't progress to the bossfight area in earnest.

What about Warframe?
Continuing my slow crawl on the Nightwave Series 3 (Glassmaker) weeklies. Chipping away at the new weapons/Warframe.

What manga have you been reading?
URLs attached. Mainly these two.

What about anime?
Last I checked I was catching up on Season 2 of Tsugomomo.

Anything else?
Nature's demands for a mate continue to interrupt my (supposed; it may have degraded due to exposure to nature) logical thinking and preferred routine(s) - which were already obstructed by quarantine measures and lockdown.

Said routines included being a volunteer locally at a place. Details withheld due to being already known, or not.


Thought I'd throw in a wild list of anime* I've watched.
*There may also be manga in this list. This list is almost explicitly Isekai/gameworld anime/manga.
This list also is not in temporal order.

Isekai Quartet,
In another world with my smartphone,
Rise of the Shield Hero,
Log Horizon,
'Don't you love your Okaa-san and her two-hit attacks?' - a game Isekai anime featuring a son and his mother being Isekai'd into a game, where the mother character is absurdly OP at AOE attacks, and the son is merely able to attack individual targets,
And a dozen or so manga/novels which had leaped onto the bandwagon of being stuck in a (former) gameworld or being sent to a world with lightweight game-esque elements to help transition, or the likes - though I don't recall the specific names of all of those.