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Rennik Sadorn

24 year old Male
Last online 5 days ago
Plymouth (Devon), United Kingdom
Greetings, I am Rennik Sadorn - also known as Koldraxon, or Hamish.

I currently do not work (circa 16/09/2021); AMA.

Games I play at the moment include, but are not limited to, in no particular order:
-Minecraft (Java edition; there is a Maiotaku server for it by someone called Jesper, if you're interested).
-Warframe (Koldraxon-732 on there).
-DOOM Eternal
-Halo: MCC
-Space Engineers
-Star Trek Online (on Xbox under the name Koldraxon)

Types of manga/anime of interest can include ones with the following tags:
-Wholesome -Isekai -Fantasy -Sci-fi -Slice-of-life ...And more - feel free to ask.

Additional hobbies include but may not necessarily be limited to things like browsing the internet, reading, 2D digital/drawn art creation/editing (or editing of algorithm-generated characters), 3D art/modelling, animating using Source Filmmaker, swimming (used to go to a swimming group on weekends before the pandemic struck), walking, cuddling (ERROR: no target for cuddles), and videogaming. Have considered D&D.

Additional (in the event you are looking for dating/relationships, note that I prefer women of the natural variety) things to note:
-Self-depricating (and a dash of dark) humor
-Addicted to physical affection (hugs, headpats, lap-pillows) from the opposite sex
-Prefer it if you were local
-Looking for thicc, but that's optional... If you can convince me.