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Rennik Sadorn

25 year old Male
Last online 17 days ago
Plymouth (Devon), United Kingdom
Greetings, I am Rennik Sadorn - also known as Koldraxon across the web. Neither are my real name and I have omitted it here as a challenge.

Last edited circa 15/05/2022.

Games I play at the moment include, but are not limited to, in no particular order:
-Warframe (PC, Koldraxon-732 on there; currently lacking content but am willing to help out).
-Space Engineers (PC)
-Star Trek Online (on Xbox under the name Koldraxon)

Games I would be playing if they had content I wanted to experience or deemed worthy of playing:
-Halo Infinite/MCC
-Destiny 2 (gave up on this one because content is being deleted)

Types of manga/anime of interest can include ones with the following tags:
-Wholesome -Isekai -Fantasy -Sci-fi -Slice-of-life ...And more - feel free to ask.

Additional hobbies include but may not necessarily be limited to things like browsing the internet, reading (manga seems to draw me in, anime is more of an 'if I feel it' and novels... are hard to find), 2D digital/drawn art creation/editing, 3D art/modelling, animating using Source Filmmaker, walking (if the weather is suitable), cuddling (if I had someone to do that with), and videogaming (obviously).

That seems to be me, besides the many, many inane scrawlings that serve as my means to ventilate, in a nutshell. I think. I am certain there's a lot more to me than that.

If you want to know more, please send me a thorough message. I think at all times, so use this as an opportunity to give more than a 'hey'.

Conversations that fail to pass the 'vibe check' of 'can provide new conversation meterial as well as I can' will be discontinued after 3 attempts to contact you.
If I fail to respond within 72 hours, I'm sure I left my Discord somewhere around here. If not, ask for it before anything else.