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Jul 25, 21 at 8:45pm

@animekid you can try with the tv. Sometimes it's on mono which is meant for special speakers. Stereo is more level volume

Jul 25, 21 at 9:03pm


Thanks, I'll give that a try tonight when I get home.

Aug 13, 21 at 7:07pm

I confess that I'm growing ever more hesitant on the idea of taking my gf to Dragoncon next month bc of covid.

Xin @xinmage commented on Confessions
Aug 13, 21 at 9:20pm

I confess I went with my mother to watch "Free Guy" today.

It was fairly pandering in its interpretation of woke online gaming culture, but it still had decent comedy mixed in.

My favorite joke was the one with Chris Evans saying, "What the fuck!" as Ryan Reynolds steals Captain America's shield.

Cool they had cameos of real life YouTubers too.

All in all, it was an ok feel good movie if you could overlook cringing at Hollywood's interpretation of Twitter talk. And the constant Fortnite advertising!

If Blue Shirt Guy isn't already a DLC skin in Fortnite or GTA I would be surprised.

Anyhow, my mom loved the film.

Aug 18, 21 at 8:52am

I'm 3/4th of the way through the new eva movie and I confess that it is very visually appealing but story wise it's a nonsensical mess

Xin @xinmage commented on Confessions
Aug 20, 21 at 4:11pm

I have only watched the 1st episode of Attack on Titan.


Popped ur AOT cherry noice

Aug 21, 21 at 9:17pm

Ngl as the series goes on eren turns into what he hates in more ways then one.


i bought my mom a plane ticket to england not because im a good daughter, but because im scared of flying alone

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