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May 03, 21 at 11:35pm

In my case I'm usually the guy on the right and the person on the left has ghosted me while I eagerly wait for a response

May 04, 21 at 7:14am

Yeah, usually I’m both people lol. If someone ghosts you and you’ve done nothing wrong, then you just gotta see it as their loss and move on. People that leave for no good reason aren’t worth keeping around anyways because they could just hurt you later.


I stopped caring about people that ghost lol i have had a friend i knew for years just up and ghost me one day and only came back cuz she wanted attention. At that point we stopped being close friend.

May 04, 21 at 7:33am

That’s good on you (^^)b, you gotta keep an eye out for people like that. I’ve had friends block me because I didn’t reply fast enough, and when I did finally get into touch with them I just wound up regretting it. It’s important I feel to be a good person, but don’t make yourself accessible to people that have shown irrational animosity towards you, or people that use you. Be forgiving, but not open to those that have hurt you :3.

May 04, 21 at 12:58pm


May 04, 21 at 4:36pm

to poor for both and still need to find the oven to put the bread into.


@laffantion Xiangling might be able to assist with your shortage of sustenance. You may still have to come up with the ingredients though, eheh.

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