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[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 left a comment for auntron_
Jul 24, 18 at 3:09pm

Say hii to Enki for me :V

✡E~K~☯️ left a comment for auntron_
Jul 20, 18 at 3:02am

[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 left a comment for auntron_
Jul 18, 18 at 12:08am


[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 Say me if you are taught this type of visualization
✡E~K~☯️ left a comment for auntron_
Jul 11, 18 at 1:20am

[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 left a comment for auntron_
Jul 10, 18 at 4:24pm

Well not everyone can do that :p and definitely not people of MO :V
Underage drinking is not very common here, but its starting to increase in its rates! I had a friend who was an innocent fellow in my school, but got involved with gamgsters, alcohol and smoking.. and within 6 months he turned into a gangster himself 0_0
Teach me Moderation, i lack that a lot.. especially after coming yo dorms :V
Yes physics is where all the application og maths lies! Thats why i love physics a lott >.> Physics shows us how maths is the language of this universe! I am also a mechanical thinker, its just that i think of human body as a mechanical organic robot :p
And by the way the calculus for describing hormonal functions is also a time-dependent one, so yes irl its mostly used for functions which have a time dimension :p
Medical field indeed os fascinating :p i have disected bodies and cracked open skulls.. so i have seen it all :V
I dont like those endings.. i prefer bittersween endings XD

[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 *coming to dorms *Of maths *Is fascinating *Bittersweet endings Omg
[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 left a comment for auntron_
Jul 10, 18 at 1:23am

0_0 wow that's noble of u :p there arent much people who befriend others who get bullied :p
Ur siblings also take drugs!>.> In my famoly it were only the mom'w brothers who were onto alcohol, smoking, gambling.. they eventually destroyed mom'w house and peace and died of problems related to it. The addiction potential from Drugs is on a completely different level from videogames! Videogames only give a mild addiction, isnt very harmful to the body, its only a mental addiction unlike drugs which give a physiologic addiction! Physiologic addictions produce unfavourable reactions in body which force u to take the drugs again if u try to leav it! Moreover videogames make u bored eventually and there is no relapse! Getting addicted to videogames is totally healthy (its a timewaste, thats another issue :V )

[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 Human body uses calculus is various areas! Our body is a walking machine :p u should look at the mathematical model of human body.. from hormon regulation to bran processings to genetic control, all the functions can be described mathematically through calculus! There is a weird reflex where when u rotate ur head to one direction, ur eyes roll to the other direction.. the neural pathway for this reflex is related to the movement of your ears, and the way brain programs eyes to move according to the movement of ears is again through calculus :p
[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 Yeah english has a broad effect here coz of those bitch britishers who colonised this place :V Well i will definitely look into trigun but cant guarantee anything XD i like other animes which are similar to cg!
[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 Steins gate zero occurs in an alternate timeline where when okabe goes back to save makise kurisu he doesnt get the idea of 'making it look like murder by putting blood on her' instead directly tries to save her and ends up killing her himself >.> This puts him into a major trauma and now he tries to forget everything about otaku life and deals with the coming problems (world war 3), and thats where an AI amadeus who is created on the image of makise enters... Along with the daughter of shinya kagari who looks like makise from the future >.> Its very amazing, it makes steins look like it ended prematurely!
Lynes left a comment for auntron_
Jul 09, 18 at 5:45pm

Yes, I do like food very much. However, I have been on a diet so I am very cautious about when I can eat, what I can eat and how much I can eat. My favourite food would be Sushi. If I can, I would eat that like every single day. Nevertheless, I like all kind of food like Curry, soup, sandwich, rice, noodles, pasta, etc. However, there are foods that I am not really fond of such as intestine and chicken feet. Those can be tasty too, but I prefer not eating them. When did you decide to become a vegetarian if I may ask :)? That's great that you became a vegetarian! it can be a very healthy diet and good for the world too.

Oh, I did finish watching Megalo box as well! I really liked the antagonist as he did so much for the protagonist. It was so cool to see that the antagonist and the protagonist were able to get along at the end.

My recommendation for the recent animes
Gransenki (people find it rushed, but I liked it)
Major 2nd (it gets way awesome if you have watched the previous series)
Darling in the FranXX
Isekai Izakaya (if you like food)
Black Clover (most people complained about it but I really like it[slow paced, loud protagonist])
Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (it was refreshing as it's like PUBG the anime)
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season
Golden Kamuy (My one of must watch, manga version was excellent as well, especially with funny face expressions)
Hinamatsuri (another must watch, manga version was also awesome)
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Lynes left a comment for auntron_
Jul 07, 18 at 8:42am

Chemical engineering sound's awesome! I like that you want to minimize the harmful effect of the chemicals towards food preservation or other substances. It is also admirable that you want to take a path that can help other people. Since I love food and know the importance of food preservation, I can appreciate it very well of what you may want to achieve from that.

Thanks for the encouragement and I am glad you find my path interesting. Although my profession does have an intention of helping people on a larger scale, from other's perspective, they can get very unhappy with what our job is doing. Since it is a job of telling others what they should be doing, correcting, educating, investigating and enforcing a regulation on them, it may not end up looking so pretty on their side. However, I believe that it does make it up to you at the end by reducing the numbers of infection rate or preventing an outbreak.

Since you are doing your best and showing your dedication towards your studies, I am sure you will do well and hopefully get the result you want. I like to believe that no one really knows their exact path until you actually find it. After graduating, I am just thinking of applying anywhere, take any opportunity, continuously searching and see where it takes me.

Thanks for recommending those books! I'll check them out on Amazon.

By the way, how are you? are there any anime you are interested in or checking them out recently?

[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 left a comment for auntron_
Jul 07, 18 at 3:35am

Codegeass original version was amazing.. i just hope this 3rd expansion (it should be called an expansion now instead of a season lol) be good coz i really liked the ending.. ur favourites are nice!! I havent watched trigun but have watched rest of the things u mentioned... I like steins gate a lot as its also psychological, and i am starting to like steins gate zero more than steins gate XD

[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 left a comment for auntron_
Jul 07, 18 at 3:27am

I know its weird that math becomes ur support waifu >.> But sometimes it happens XD. Yes i have made many friends after that, especially since i moved schools in 11th and even got into a medical program i have got some really nice friends ^^ but i wont ever forget the 'chemistry' i had with math >.> In ur case u would be trying not to forget the 'math' in ur chemistry :V
It moved u :O well glad to hear that >.>
U should hop onto the forums, its a fun place.. *thinks to myself 'it would be interesting for me to watch u guys interact out in the public' hihihi*.
Addiction potential to drugs are always high, what a coincidence 0_0 from my mother's family many of my uncles died and destroyed their homes cause of addiction to drinking and smoking! I guess anyone who is cautious against drinks might have such a history...
Not just in engineering, but in any field that interacts with multi factors! The human body itself involes tonnes of multivariable calculus, like the function which determines when testosteron will be released and all (Ted talk)!

[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 So yes, it is essential everywhere! That reminds me i had a debate with one of my friends where we were arguing where maths will be more usefull.. in future medicine or future engineering >.>
[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 Here in india english is an unofficial national language, so i have learned it though out my life and stopped learning hindi waayy back >.> So yes i am more comfortable with english books, i cant even imagine how much difficult it will be for me to read a book in hindi XD so if ur books are in english!! I would love to have them
[Laughing]Man~dD 2.0 I will ping u about the homeworks later XD i might like it.. and thanks for the recomendation of slader!! I didnt know about it 0_0
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