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Random facts about yourself

Nov 28, 17 at 10:14pm

I sometimes hear voices.

This account has been suspended.
Nov 29, 17 at 9:30am

I'm always worried that I can be replaced by anybody.

This account has been suspended.

Im an introvert gamer

Nov 29, 17 at 3:04pm

I own the Final Fantasy Piano compilation CD's from #V till #X


I sleep with 12 pillows
My roommate calls it my nest

Nov 30, 17 at 1:49am

-Hatsune Miku is my "waifu".

-I've gone upwards of 168mph(270 kph) on a motorcycle.

-I've been a gamer since I was literally like... maybe 2-3 years old.

-I can safely say I'm well above average when it comes to playing DDR and ITG, but still leagues behind the world's best players.

-I got a little chubby in middle school, but lost it all playing DDR.

-I've liked anime since elementary school.

-I love dogs.

-I have an associates degree in computer science... which means nothing. Pushing for certifications instead.

-I like to occasionally cook nice things in my spare time, I also love making sushi and baking. Had a cooking job once and it took the joy out of it for me.

-I can solve a 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 rubik's cube, but I'm not very fast.

-I went to Japan in 2009.

-I've only ever had two short lived long distance relationships.

-I'm not a huge fan of drinking alcohol, very occasional thing for me.

-Despite last fact, I drank a lot of alocohol in 2013 while going through crazy depression (in part why I hate drinking now).

-with the exception of one time this year, I hadn't drank any soda since middle school. (I still feel bad for drinking it)

Um, all the random facts that came to mind for now.

Nov 30, 17 at 2:03am

I wanted to major in tea science~
Though I passed N1 with decent marks, I'm not confident enough to text in Japanese.
I'm slightly jealous of those "blessed" peers.


I enjoy it when my cat presses her paws on me when she is pawing. It's like a mini cat massage.

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