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elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Dec 31, 18 at 11:12pm

You should watch Black Clover - your roommate is right ^-^
And my biggest condolences with your granny and your roommates granny. I know how stressful it can be if you lose someone :c
You are an good uncle :3 maybe you will get the chance to see them more :))
Of course I'm excited for this year - this year will be great!! :D my best friend and I had the best view on her balcony <3
Happy new year! :3

elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Dec 28, 18 at 8:43am

I'm glad that my words cheers you up <3
My Christmas was fine~ We ate alot and watched Black Clover. I cannot imagine a better Christmas <3 And so cute how caring you are with your nephew and nieces <3

elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Dec 26, 18 at 9:31am

Your new haircut looks very good ^-^ and your beard suits you very well! And btw, you have nice hands~
You looks handsome :))

What did you buy for your nephew and nieces? The weather here was still too warm for a white Christmas.
Yesterday, I visited a Graveyard and set a grave candle for my cat (you can leave something on special place there if your relative don't have a grave).

I hope your Christmas was a nice one

elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Dec 23, 18 at 1:34pm

Ohhh a new haircut! I wanna see it - and I bet it looks good on you (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚
My hair is grown out, so I also need a new haircut~

Here was the weather muddy - it cannot decide what it wants~ warm cold warm cold warm cold aahh I'm frezzing warm cold warm too hot thou~ I think you get the idea what I mean :D
Also, I hope that we are getting a white Christmas, but I think it will be too warm~

I'm doing fine~ I do some last things before I travel to Hamburg~
How about you C:

elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Dec 21, 18 at 12:12am

Daww same here~ the weather ist getting warmer again~ btw, how are you doing? :3

elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Dec 15, 18 at 1:37pm

Hey Tenshi~

my day is very very cold! And I have heard that it will snow here~ I'm so excited!!
How about you? :)

elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Dec 08, 18 at 4:45am

Have a great roar day :3

elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Dec 05, 18 at 12:55pm


elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Nov 28, 18 at 1:53pm

Today, it was 28°F in Germany - and that is a common temperature here when it's winter~
Aww thank you for your kind words. I try to stay strong :)
Sometimes, we have barely time to watch anything nice - especially if you want to ;_;
Ohh Godzilla! What is your favourite Godzilla movie? Let me know how the King of the Monsters film was. And how was it to watch it in VR?

I'm sorry for the post by PK - I dunno why he posted it on my wall.

elhaym left a comment for ~Tenshi
Nov 26, 18 at 12:37pm

That is the hand-tied bouquet

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