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Random thoughts...


Depression sucks. I starded having it since 2016. Every task I do in my life feels heavy. For me it takes a ton of effort to do my university taks, my job and my life. I feel empty after all of it. All of it just feels heavy, all of the time.


i feel that so much i hope you get well soon <3


I haven’t had vegetables n fruits in 2 days, time to eat a whole cabbage.


My cat allows me to rub her belly in a very specific way. If I do it any other way I get met with an angry foot. Why does it make a difference to her?


re8 looks great


Maybe thats her sweet spot, pet me right or dont pet me at all @dyadka_yar


A coworker of mine who got his first Pfizer shot 3 weeks ago was absent from work today and had a doctor's appointment. I'm feeling convinced that this was not an innocent unrelated coincidence.
I was warning him not to rush and take that shot, but he listens to his wife instead of me.


i feel so sick ugh


Some people feel ill after getting these shots, it's pretty normal from what I hear.


The dog is being camera shy.

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