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Bleach is Being Continued.

The animation is just gorgeous. I mean I know that Studio Pierrot has put out some bangers before(lord knows that "Road to Naruto" video was a gorgeous bit of visual spectacle in addition to being a nostalgic journey). But still when I saw the trailers I was worried we'd end up with Record of Ragnarok level animation. Happy to see I was wrong.
@verucassault I still think Bleach overall has the best OST of any anime series I've seen. There's the dramatic, damn near haunting tracks in the earlier seasons like "On the Precipice of Defeat" with the weird vocal intro that leads into the string melody: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwIEDIxuXQU Then there's an entire OST filled with Spanish flair (idk the proper way to put it) dedicated to just the Arrancar arc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZZTNtXEqp4 And there's like 5423462346 absolutely killer tracks used during important battles, my fav probably being Treachery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlOi8Nxwnrg
Even tho episodes have already aired showing... stuff, I'm still trying to not give away spoilers since some people aren't caught up, but since everyone already knows Unohana uses her Bankai, Imma say this: Unohana has the most badass powerup ever. Prove me wrong. In fact, the powerup is 10x better than the Bankai itself! Also, when Kenpachi hears someone talking to him, and then he realizes who it is... https://i.gifer.com/origin/0c/0cb60bf8513ea96fc1ca93409dbd678e_w200.gif ...and then you realize what it means https://i.imgur.com/WjQMZ61.gif
@arc "so much more grit than they ever could have gotten away with before!" IKR?? It's like, how can we show viewers how deadly this new threat is? By showing a 3rd Seat Lieutenant who's mere presence intimidates his subordinates, then show the new threat blow his body in half in a split second, and we'll censor nothing!
Head Captain joins. https://media.tenor.com/0Ajdzr0m1VwAAAAC/fangirl-fangirling.gif
Dec 30, 22 at 7:23pm
My reaction when ginryosi got angry and attacked: https://media.tenor.com/pzdkayXHOCgAAAAd/thats-hot-will-smith.gif
Finished the 13th episode. So hyped for the 2nd part, but saddened it won't be until July. Another good thing about it being so long since I read the manga is I totally forgot about what Ichigo gets at the end of the 13th episode, so they had me in a lot of suspense for the reveal!
Probably still my fav ED song... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxGqy9s2eN0 I've bought Rie Fu CDs because of that song xD Also, holy shit, hearing that opening line again after years, the nostalgia just bent me over the counter.
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