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Which is your favorite Anime Opening of all Time?


a bit old but it's one of the greatest

u can't tell me that ain't an anime opening


Sadly I cant consider this an opening, but this would be my favourite


Aaaaa can't just choose one.


whatever is on my list of favorite anime of all time, theyre gonna have a banger nostalgic opening to me


I'm not sure if it's my all time favourite but the OP for Demon Slayer is bloody excellent


Oh man, how did I miss this thread. I am an anime opening/ending connoisseur~

It's very difficult for me to pick the best, so I will break down what I post into categories. Of course any opening/ending sung by Aimer or Egoist is guaranteed S tier. I feel obligated to post this one:

Category [cannot ever skip]


Category [Classic]

Even as I kid I really liked the direction behind this OP. No anime clichés. Very expressive. Makes me sleepy whenever I watch this op because it was always midnight when Inuyasha showed on Adult Swim

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