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Which is your favorite Anime Opening of all Time?


Category [Rock]

I haven't ever gotten past episode 3 in deadman wonderland, but wow the opening is a friggin banger that I'll never forget. I love the direction in it. Not a single dull moment.


Category [Top OP of 2020]

I really wanted to pick the Pet OP sung by Toru Kitajima, but in the end Dorohedoro has an OP that is just so unique and interesting. I couldn't take my eyes away. If you haven't already seen this OP you should. Oh man I love those crazy eyes she does lol


YES! Sk8 the infinity, need to watch more

Konosuba OP 2

FMA BroHood Op Golden Time Lover

Black Rock Shooter:

My Hero Acedemia op 3 (would have sora ni utaeba but got poiled by the jonothan young version.)

Soul Eater Op 2: Papermoon


Another favorite opening I forgot to add:

Loved this series


All the posts before this one is invalid. That is how good this is

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